5 Symptom Shows that You Need Reading Glasses

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5 Symptom Shows that You Need Reading Glasses

The eye is one of the most fascinating organs of human body. When it's healthy, it provides an amazing world; when it's not healthy, it provides an injured world. Generally speaking, many people will find that their eyesight begins to decline gradually when they are nearly 50 years old, and even a pair of computer reading glass is needed.


Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease. It is an inevitable visual problem after people enter the middle and old age and everyone will face the problem to choose half eye reading glasses. With the increase of age, the regulating ability of ciliary muscle of eyeball gradually decreases, which makes the clarity of looking at near objects lower and lower. The weakening of ciliary muscle regulation is slowly going on throughout one's life, not in a short while. The wearing of flat reading glasses is mostly after the age of 42, some people will appear earlier or later of course. Some people think that people with myopia will not get presbyopia, but this is not consistent with the research results of experts.


Therefore, most of us rely on the health of our eyes to enjoy the beauty of life and the diversity of the world. If you have the following five symptoms, you need to buy a pair of foldable reading glass from Emma Optical to help your eyes feel better.



1. Squint


Squint is one of the most common signs that you need to wear progressive reading glasses. All of a sudden, you have to squint to get rid of the fuzziness around these little letters.



2. Need more light


When you subconsciously find that you need more light to illuminate your reading space, but in fact, you have turned on the desk lamp. You still feel that those extra little beams can help your eyes better focus on the letters.



3. Close to face


Have you noticed that the distance between your newspaper and your face is getting closer and closer. It's only 14 inches away, but you think the newspaper is so far away from you.



4. Eye fatigue


When you read, you are thinking about whether it's time for eyedrops. But you don't realize it's a symptom of eye injury because your eye muscles are working overtime to help you see things more clearly. Eyedrops may relieve some of the fatigue, but they don't last long.



5. Headache


You've been trying to see things all day, but it's just too much. The font size of each document is so small that your face and head muscles need to stay taut all the time to compensate.


If there are presbyopia and do not wear high quality reading glasses, too tired ciliary muscle will aggravate the difficulty of reading, which will produce many symptoms such as presbyopia. It's unwise to have an impact on life and work because of a pair of bifocal reading glass. So the progressive multifocal reading glasses should be matched immediately, not only based on age. Therefore, if you have the above symptoms, please contact EMMA OPTICAL to get your customized reading glasses

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