5 Tips for Eyes Protection from Sun

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5 Tips for Eyes Protection from Sun

The increasingly bright sunshine makes all things recover, and also brings us a colorful scene. You may know that overexposure to UV will accelerate skin aging, but you may not know that it will also increase the risk of cataract and eye cancer. Although the occurrence of these diseases is a long process, once they occur, they will seriously endanger the health of the eyes.


The sunshine in June is dazzling. Adults may prepare UV protection sunglasses for travel. What about children?



Do children need to wear sunglasses


The American Ophthalmology Academy (AOA) once said: UV400 protective sunglasses are necessary for people of any age. Because children's eyes are more permeable than adults, ultraviolet light is easier to reach their retinas. Therefore, instead of not being able to wear UV 400 sunglasses, children need them more than adults.



When do children need to wear sunglasses?


At the same time, we need to remind that the damage of sunlight to the eyes can not only happen on a sunny day in spring and summer, but also on a cloudy day in autumn and winter. Because sunlight can pass through haze and thin clouds, you should always wear UV protection sunglasses and wide brimmed hats when you are outdoors.



Five tips to protect children's eyes from the sun


(1) Children's UV 400 polarized sunglasses are best made of resin, PC and other damage resistant materials, which have high impact resistance and are not easy to break. Even under the impact of external forces, it can also reduce the risk. Because many mischievous children are easy to fall or collide, children's sunglasses are easy to break and easily lead to injury.


(2) Children's sunglasses and lenses must be able to effectively prevent UV radiation. It is better to choose UV 400 polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection clearly marked on the label, not to take some plastic toy sunglasses for children to wear. Otherwise, it will not protect children's eyes, but will damage their eyesight.


(3) Children should not wear UVA-UVB protection sunglasses for a long time. Never let children wear sunglasses to look good. Because children's eyes are not fully developed, they need appropriate light stimulation. Wearing sunglasses indoors can't receive enough light, which will affect children's eye development.


(4) Children's UV protection sunglasses should also pay attention to the choice of color. Generally, dark gray is the best color for lenses, because they cause the smallest color distortion. Yellow and red sunglasses can't filter the strong light, so it is easy to harm the eyes of children by wearing such sunglasses under the strong light irradiation.


(5) To buy children's sunglasses, we must choose regular ways and brands, because many poor sunglasses are easy to cause damage to children's eyes. Generally, the legs of children's polarized UV400 sunglasses of regular brands are made of elastic materials, which will not be damaged by any bending, so that children's safety can be fully guaranteed when playing with sunglasses.


In the end, we need to know that oral teaching is not as good as personal teaching. Parents put on UV400 protective sunglasses when they go out, which not only protects themselves, but also makes a good demonstration for their children. This kind of behavior can lead children to form a good habit of wearing UV protection sunglasses to protect their eyes. Therefore, when we take our children out in family look, we can wear beautiful UV polarized sunglasses together.

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