7 Common Frames for Optical Glasses

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7 Common Frames for Optical Glasses

Do you know nothing about the types of frames available for optical glasses? If so, continue reading. This article will show you the 7 frame shapes of optical glasses. You can now find many frames with different styles and shapes on the Internet and on the street. Take a look at the ones below and see which one you like.



1. Aviator Glasses


Aviator glasses are frames with a known history around the world. It is the variation of the square frame shape, the aviator style is a very popular choice. It was originally created by Ray-Ban for the pilot of the aircraft during the Second World War, and was later sold to the public in the form of sunglasses. The main features of this frame shape are the straight line at the top edge and the slightly curved edge towards the bridge of the nose. Since its inception, many brands have reinvented aviator glasses and are the best-selling spectacle frames for glasses and sunglasses.



2. Round Glasses


The round frame was very popular in the 1970s-90s and appeared in Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in large frames, while the smaller round frame was created by John Lennon, Oz Ozburn and Harry Potter promotion. The main feature of the round optical glasses is its "retro geek style", which is very popular with trendy people. Round optical frames are suitable for girls with relatively square faces. They can soften the facial lines and make you look more affinity.



3. Rectangle Glasses


The rectangle optical glasses are classic, which are never out of date. Rectangular glasses are perfect for those with rounded faces. Most eyewear brands will also store rectangular frames in their own collection because it is a best-selling product. The key features are narrow frame, thick edges and corners. The rectangular frame can give the wearer a stylish and professional look. Rectangular glasses are suitable for girls with round faces. The angle of the glasses can increase the three-dimensional sense of the face.



4. Oval Glasses


The oval optical glasses are eternal frames, which are reinvented every year. Oval is a variation of rectangle and circle. The oval frame shape softens facial features, so if your face is fuller, it may not be a good choice. This frame shape is characterized by its elegant appearance. It makes the wearer look more mature and intellectual.



5.Wayfarer Glasses


The wayfarer optical frames are also variations of rectangular and square frames. For those who like retro style, this is a popular choice. The main features of the frames are masculine lines and extreme fashion charm.



6. Cat Eye Optical Glasses


The cat eye optical glasses originated in the 1950s and was worn by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Amy Ram and Dame Edna Everage, and has been popular throughout history . One of the main features of the cat eye optical glasses is the trumpet-shaped frame, which flares outward at the outer edge to form a unique shape, making the cat eye optical glasses stand out from the rest.



7. Square Optical Glasses


The square optical glasses are another popular choice for fashionable men and women. Square frames are the main trends of 2020 for the biggest fashion bloggers and celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Maria Bernard. These angled frames outline the face and give the wearer a contoured appearance.


Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned frame glasses, we will also see frameless optical glasses. Different types of glasses are suitable for different people. Choose the glasses at Emma Optics that suit you according to your preferences and face shape.

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