Are Blue Light Glasses Helpful with Night Driving?

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Are Blue Light Glasses Helpful with Night Driving?

We often see people wearing glasses, such as sunglasses, myopia glasses, reading glasses, anti blue light blocking glasses, etc. The glasses with different functions are mainly used to correct or protect our eyes. So do people with night blindness need to wear glasses? What glasses are suitable for wearing?



Night Blindness


Night blindness, commonly known as "sparrow blindness", is a medical term that refers to symptoms that when in a dimly lit environment or at night, the sight is unclear or invisible, and people are difficult to move. The symptoms are generally due to a lack of vitamin A. Night blindness does not mean that one cannot see anything at night, but it is difficult to see clearly at night when the light is dim.



The Possible Symptoms of Night Blindness


Night blindness is divided into congenital type and acquired type. If it is congenital night blindness, some children's vision declines at night, and it is easy to cry at night. In addition, some children may also be accompanied by other eye problems, such as vision loss or visual field changes. Acquired night blindness is caused by other diseases of the eye, such as retinitis pigmentosa or other problems, and may also be accompanied by some visual problems such as visual impairment and tremor of the eye.


For drivers, some common symptoms of night blindness include:

Blurred vision: The headlights of oncoming vehicles look blurred, and the street signs are more difficult to recognize.

Eye fatigue: When driving at night, your eyes will be more tired because they have to work hard.



Are Blue Light Glasses Useful?


The answer is, it depends. Older anti blue light glasses with yellow lenses really help driving at night, because they also filter out lower energy, harmless visible blue light (so the field of vision is clearer at night) and some harmful high-energy blue light. However, these tend to distort the colors of what you see, making them appear yellowish.


Newer blue light blocking glasses usually have lenses, and their appearance is almost clear, with few yellow tips on closer inspection. These glasses will not distort the color of what you see. However, blue light blocking computer glasses have no difference (or almost no improvement in clarity) compared to wearing regular glasses at night.



How to Improve Your Vision When Driving at Night?


Frequently cleaning the windshield can reduce glare and blur. Make sure the wiper blades are in good condition and the water tank for the window cleaning solution is full. Wiper blades and cleaners are often used to remove dirt and insects from the windshield.


Make sure that the headlamps are clean and properly focused. If the road lighting is good, it is easier to see the road. Don’t just focus on the car in front, try to avoid staring at the oncoming headlights while driving. Take a break when driving for a long time.


If you wear prescription glasses, ask your optometrist if you can decorate the glasses on the anti-glare coating.


In short, Blue light eyeglasses are ideal for use during the day and can resist the glare of the sun, however, fashion blue light glasses are not specifically designed to improve night vision.

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