Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

According to the World Health Organization report, the number of myopia patients in China is as high as 600 million, and the myopia rate of adolescents in China ranks first in the world. Various kinds of myopia glasses appear on the market, and anti blue light blocking glasses are very popular. Do you know the function and principle of anti blue light glasses? Is blue light blocking glasses really work?



What is blue light


Blue light is part of natural visible light, and both daylight and electronic screens emit blue light. Blue light is an important part of visible light. There is no separate white light in nature itself. Blue light is mixed with green light and red light to show white light. Green and red light have less energy, less eye irritation, short blue light wave and high energy, and can penetrate the lens directly to the macular area of the eye, causing macular degeneration.



The hazards of blue light


As early as 1966, related research found that blue light irradiation can cause damage to retinal cells, resulting in decreased or even lost vision. Among them, short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400-450 nm is the most harmful to the retina.


In the 2010 International Light Association Annual Meeting, the world's top optical experts unanimously pointed out that short-wave blue light has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retina. Radiation of blue light to the retina will produce free radicals, and these free radicals will cause the retinal pigment epithelial cells to die. The decay of epithelial cells will cause the light-sensitive cells to lack nutrients and cause vision damage, and these injuries are irreversible.


The research report of the German ophthalmologist Prof. Richard Funk (R.H.W. Funk) pointed out that when "unsuitable light" continues to illuminate our eyes, it will also cause physical dysfunction. Blue light filter glasses seem to be indispensable.



Features of Blu-ray glasses


Blue light is one of the factors that affect eye fatigue. Anti-blue light glasses can play a certain role in protecting the eyes, especially for those who work on the electronic screen for a long time. The anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue eyes to the eyes. Through the portable optical spectrum analyzer, the blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen is effectively suppressed after the use of the anti-blue light glasses, which reduces the harmful blue light to the eyes.


The anti-blue light glasses mainly reflect the harmful blue light through the coating of the lens surface, or add the anti-blue light factor through the lens substrate to absorb the harmful blue light, thereby blocking the harmful blue light and protecting the eyes.



Applicable conditions of Blu-ray glasses


Anti-blue light glasses are suitable for wearing when using LED digital display devices such as TVs, computers, PADs, and mobile phones, but it is not recommended to wear anti-blue light glasses for a long time in daily life, because anti-blue light glasses filter part of the blue light, and the picture will turn yellow when viewed. It is recommended to use two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily use, and one pair of anti-blue light glasses when using computers and other LED display digital products. Anti blue reading glasses and blue light blocking computer glasses are more suitable for people without myopia when working.



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