Do Prescription Sunglasses Really Make a Difference?

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Do Prescription Sunglasses Really Make a Difference?

When you need glasses, prescription glasses are a good choice. Especially people with bad eyesight should choose prescription sunglasses when buying sunglasses. If you do not take care of your eyes, it may cause serious consequences.



What are prescription sunglasses?


Prescription sunglasses can be tailored to your needs. In addition to adding chemicals that absorb ultraviolet light, dyeing materials can also be added to the sunglasses lens during the production process. In addition to dyeing materials, manufacturers have also developed light-filtering chemicals that can absorb specific parts of the spectrum. They used a combination of dyeing and filtering substances to develop prescription sport sunglasses for specific sports, such as golf.


The price of prescription sunglasses ranges from $150 to $2500, depending on where you buy it. The price of designer brands will be higher than that of ordinary brands, which may also affect the quality of the materials used.



What is the role of prescription sunglasses?


You can buy sunglasses from any convenience store, but not all sunglasses are the same. Many glasses wearers feel inconvenient because they cannot take off their glasses in bright sunlight. This is why they started thinking about prescription sunglasses, which can only provide the same sight assistance as ordinary glasses in the sun.


The prescription sunglasses are specially prepared sunglasses after optometry according to the vision of the wearer. People with good eyesight do not have to choose prescription sunglasses, only those with poor eyesight or presbyopia need prescription sunglasses. The lenses of prescription sunglasses are not flat, but they can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.


Because such glasses need to be worn all day, both indoors and outdoors, prescription sunglasses require the use of color-changing lenses. For example, there are blue light blocking prescription sunglasses and anti blue light blocking prescription sunglasses. There is no obvious difference in style between prescription sunglasses and non-prescription sunglasses. There are many styles of prescription sunglasses, such as trendy prescription sunglasses, vintage prescription sunglasses, mirror fashion prescription sunglasses and so on.


Prescription sunglasses can be made from a variety of materials, such as high refractive index materials, polycarbonate, plastic (CR-39) or glass. The first two materials are better and most used.



How to judge whether you need to choose prescription sunglasses?


If you need to go out often, prescription sunglasses are one of the best ways to protect your eyes. Prescription sunglasses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, which can help you avoid serious eye damage caused by long-term sun exposure. This is one of the reasons why they are more expensive than ordinary sunglasses or even high-end sunglasses. No matter how much time you spend in the sun, they can make your eyes safe and healthy.


Some glasses are also equipped with reflective lenses. These will not protect your eyes. But when driving or in areas with a lot of water, sunlight can be reflected from the surface. It would be convenient to wear such lenses at this time.



Introduction of transition lenses


When you are indoors and away from sunlight, the transition lens are very clear. But when you are exposed to sunlight, they gradually darken. This superb high-tech invention turns your ordinary glasses into sunglasses. Although these are excellent options, some wearers do not like that they cannot control whether to turn to sunglasses. In some cases, they may want to keep regular lenses when outdoors, so that individual prescription sunglasses are more suitable for them.


The most common reason people refuse to buy prescription sunglasses is that these glasses can only be worn under certain circumstances. But imagine that you can drive even in direct sunlight, while still seeing every clear detail on the road. So prescription sunglasses are very useful for people with poor eyesight.

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