Do You Know the Benefit From Metal Frame Glasses?

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Do You Know the Benefit From Metal Frame Glasses?

The eyeglass frame is an important part of the eyeglasses which plays the role of supporting the spectacle lens, and the good-looking optical frame can also play an aesthetic role . The materials are mainly metal, plastic or resin, natural materials, etc. According to the style, it can be divided into full frame, half frame, no frame and other types.



A good pair of frames should be made of safe, reliable, skin-friendly materials that are lightweight, strong and not distorted when worn on the face. Secondly, for the wearer, there is also the need to shop from the perspective of the practicality of the frame. Today we will learn how to choose a suitable optical glasses for yourself particularly how to choose a good optical frame.



Main materials for optical frame


1. Metal material


The metal materials used for spectacle frames include copper alloy, nickel alloy and precious metal.

It is required to have certain hardness, flexibility, elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, good gloss and color, etc. Therefore, almost all metal materials used to make spectacle frames are alloys or used the metal with surface finished already.



2. Plastic or resin


The non-metallic materials generally used to make eyeglasses frames mainly use synthetic resin as raw materials, which are divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting resins.



3. Natural materials


The natural materials used to make spectacle frames are hawksbill turtles, special wood and animal head horns. Generally wooden spectacle frames and bullhorns spectacle frames are rare, and the common ones are tortoiseshell spectacle frames.



4. Mixed materials


The frame is made of metal and plastic. Some of these frames are covered with plastic, that is partly or completely wrapped with celluloid. Some use different materials in different parts of the frame, that is the front frame is plastic, the feet are metal, or the front frame is metal the feet are made of plastic. Some mix the above two methods, such as plastic for the eyebrow and nose bridge, stainless steel for the frame, and metal for the feet. The shape of the mixed frame is delicate and beautiful, giving people a sense of elegance. Because the outer plastic is in close contact with the inner metal material, it is not easy to burn, which increases the strength of the frame.


 Do You Know the Benefit From Metal Frame Glasses

The advantages of metal glasses frames


From the perspective of glasses materials, many people are willing to choose metal optical glasses frames. That is because metal glasses frames have some advantages that cannot be replaced by other materials. What are the advantages?



1. Strong tensile strength


Generally, the material selected as the metal spectacle frame is in line with the performance of the spectacle frame. In many cases, the feet of the glasses need to be bent, pulled, etc., which requires the material to have high fracture strength and at the same time have sufficient plasticity, toughness, and good elasticity. And can not blindly pursue high tensile strength.



2. High elasticity


The spectacle frame will inevitably bend during wearing, so that the metal material will generally choose not to break, and it can restore the original shape after the external force disappears, which means that the general metal spectacle frame requires high elasticity.



3. Corrosion resistance


The spectacle frames must be able to withstand the daily corrosion of the atmosphere and human sweat. The corrosion resistance of different materials for metal spectacle frames is different. Generally, the corrosion resistance of pure titanium spectacle frames is stronger than other spectacle frames.



4. Plasticity


The metal spectacle frames we have seen generally have different patterns and some of them have exquisite polished designs. These all require the material of the spectacle frame to have high plasticity, that  means it has good processing performance.



Benefits of wearing metal optical glasses


Metal optical glasses have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, not easy to be allergic, good gloss and strong texture. At the same time, the advanced processing technology ensures a good texture while making it comfortable and safe to wear. However, almost all metal materials used to make spectacle optical frames are alloys or the metal with surface finished already. Now, many designers combine alloys and plates according to the unique materials of metals and superb processing techniques. The diversify styles lead the fashion trend.

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