Do You Know the Technology Trends in Reading Glasses?

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Do You Know the Technology Trends in Reading Glasses?

Before we learned some basic knowledge of reading glasses, below we will continue to discuss the technical trends and development prospects of reading glasses.


With the advancement of technology, more and more advanced technologies are applied to all walks of life, and the eyewear industry is developed without exception based on the latest technological developments. From self-adjusting glasses to the most advanced video glasses, from the original single-lens lens, double-lens lens to glasses made with progressive multifocal technology, professional opticians are trying to use different materials and technologies to innovate glasses.


Numerous consumer reports indicate that ordinary American glasses wearers can save up to 40% in cash by buying glasses online. Compared to traditional walk-in eyewear stores, buying online can save you time and provide better customer support.


The following are some of the latest innovations and technologies in glasses, which are expected to improve the efficiency and efficacy of traditional eyewear.



AR glasses


AR glasses is the first product created by Google with sci-fi color, and also a product with avant-garde technology. With it, you can experience the future functions used by handsome male / female heroines in science fiction movies. This technology has not been officially released to glasses wearers. However, in the optical field, AR has a wide range of applications, and is expected to surge in the development of the eyewear industry in the next few years.



Bulletproof glasses


Bulletproof glasses have various advantages. In order to use the glasses for a long time, many police and military professionals prefer to use bulletproof glasses because they also help prevent eye injuries or injuries. During the war, temporary explosive devices, shrapnel, sand, wind, and dust can be said to be commonplace. Obviously, wearing bulletproof glasses or ultraviolet radiation resistant glasses can protect the soldiers' eyes.


In addition, there are two technologies widely used, autofocus lenses and sport reading glasses. The former can self-adjust for any specific prescribed refractive power. This is very useful for patients with presbyopia. The sports eyewear has taken the eyewear industry to a whole new level. For example, swimming goggles are a kind of equipment used in swimming. They are tightly attached to the eyes when used. They can see things underwater while preventing pool water from entering the eyes. Therefore, they have become a must-have for many swimmers.



Why increase investment and development of reading glasses technology?


As we age, spectacle lenses become less and less flexible, making it difficult to focus. At present, the age of presbyopia is getting lower and lower, and some people even have presbyopia in their thirties. This has also brought some troubles and inconveniences. Because many people feel uncomfortable wearing reading glasses in front of people, and therefore avoid wearing glasses in public.


Ideally, the magnification of reading eyewear is between 1.00 and 2.75. It is recommended to buy as low a magnification as possible, because magnification may cause unnecessary headaches, migraines or eye fatigue. To make the reading glasses have a sufficient field of view, the film type should meet the requirement that the upper and lower heights are greater than 30mm. The narrow-sheet type within 25mm from top to bottom is generally portable and is used to temporarily supplement vision. Reading glasses parts must be strong or highly elastic.


Reading glasses come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and styles, and can perfectly match any facial shape or structure. After the glasses are made or purchased, the collation staff will calibrate according to the face shape. Adjustable focus reading glasses is also one of the more popular styles.



Reading glasses VS Computer glasses


Reading glasses are mainly to meet the needs of people with presbyopia. Reading glasses will enlarge the reading text and relieve eye fatigue. It can be said that with age, wearing reading glasses is an unavoidable thing. Computer glasses are designed to deal with the glare of computer screens. These lenses do not carry any special coating to protect the eyes from the glare of electronic device screens.



Reading glasses vs Prescription glasses


If you have not had an eye test in the last two years, then it is strongly recommended that you go to a local optician shop or hospital ophthalmology department for an examination. This examination can not only provide you with a prescription, but can also be regarded as an ordinary health examination. After a professional optometry, a prescription eyeglasses is prescribed, and people with refractive errors go to the optician shop to wear glasses.


Whether you want to choose a stylish or practical glasses, reading glasses or prescription glasses, anti-blue glasses or radiation-proof glasses, be sure to buy or customize glasses according to the degree of eyes. Being able to protect your eyes is the most practical purpose.

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