Fashion Trends | Spring / Summer 2020 Sunglasses Trend List

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Fashion Trends | Spring / Summer 2020 Sunglasses Trend List

Sunglasses as part of trendy fashion, through the fashion conferences in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we can predict the trend of sunglasses in 2020. The large-frame sunglasses in 2019 are classic and stylish. In 2020, they not only inherit the original trend characteristics, but also incorporate the characteristics of 80 ~ 90 retro and current fashion elements, and innovate retro small piece glasses and oversized frames sunglasses with specific fashion styles. Let's take a closer look below.



2020 fashion sunglasses trends



1. Oversized sheet-shaped glasses frame


Support or decorate with ultra-wide borders to highlight the bold appearance with exaggerated line proportions, or choose a refined frame to achieve a complex and more commercial process. Explore the appearance of maximization and minimalism, used in combination with pink neutral tones, and a soft brown color in gray to achieve the ultimate visual effect.Round frame vintage sunglasses, square shape sunglasses, rectangle frame sunglasses usually shine with large frame lenses.



2. Ultra-small frame


Design details: Bring a pair of small-frame glasses to make the frame the focal point of the face. The thick frame is matched with wide temples and mid-beam details, or decorated with accessories such as diamonds, crystals and studs, or a light and soft acetate plate. It can be matched with fashionable patterns, or use mirror lenses and marble patterns to create a fashionable feeling from the 80s to the 90s, reflecting a kind of fun and enjoyment.


Echoing the oversized style is the style with the smallest shape, leading the trend to a novel side. The slender shape, the new geometric form, or retro or science fiction, retro is also a trend. Small-frame sunglasses cater to people's demand for personalized glasses, revisit the 1980s and 1990s, and look forward to the curiosity of the future world, which is both fashionable and lovely, and enjoy the fun brought by punk aesthetics.



3. Timeless pilot shape


The 1970s Ray-Ban aviator is a perfect and eternal companion in life. No matter men and women, regardless of fashion catwalks or daily life, polarized aviator sunglasses has always been one of the most popular eyewear styles to maintain the consumption due to the characteristics of various face shapes. The vitality of the market. In 2020, the pilot's profile has been updated with details. The details of the profile, temples and upper beams have been adjusted slightly, or the use of super-large shapes, ultra-light, super-fine and ultra-thin materials. The unique single upper beam design, coupled with multi-level frame color embellishment and water-tone lenses, makes the pilot-shaped glasses become clever and vivid, rejuvenating new vitality.



New fashion sunglasses recommended


1.Covered glasses: Covered glasses with simple and elegant structure, cheerful and vivid colors, exaggerated artistic form, large frame shape and large-shaped jacket, blend into the urban atmosphere, filled with rigid atmosphere, highlight the concept of oversized aesthetics.


2.Complex hybrid connection lenses: these glasses use large geometric shape or frameless design, use metal connection on the top of the lens, add shiny decoration to the lens with gradient-colored lenses, which are retro and energetic, and it reflects individuality.


3. Retro round sunglasses: Round contour glasses are a specific form of retro style, pursuing comfort and minimalist features. Its simple and exquisite appearance, the evolution of double frames or hollow frames, make its style lasting forever, and it has the appeal of crossing the times.


4. Retro polygonal lens: in the style of constructivism, geometric shape, especially the hexagonal small piece of glasses with soft corners are particularly eye-catching. The dynamic geometric outline is a continuation of the retro round frame. It uses thin or half-frame polygon shapes to make the overall appearance more refined, light and comfortable, and increase the comfort of people wearing.


5. Slender triangle lens: Affected by the style of the 1990s, the slender triangle sunglasses shows its unique affinity. This trend is as strong as the popular trend in the 1990s, appearing in the form of an equilateral triangle or an inverted triangle, decorated with glittering diamonds or golden decorative nails, with dark lenses, wearing a hollow or tight triangle dress, reflecting the cynical personality.


The most fashionable sunglasses in 2020, which one would you choose? Heart shaped sunglasses, oversized frame sunglasses or thin frame sunglasses?

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