Glasses & Contact Lens:Which is Better For Eyes?

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Glasses & Contact Lens:Which is Better For Eyes?

Everyone is not new to glasses. People with myopia need to wear glasses for myopia, people with farsightedness need to wear foldable reading glasses; the fashionable sunglasses are suitable for going out in the summer, and the blue light blocking sunglasses are suitable for people using cellphone in the open air. In addition to these lens categories, we know that there are contact lenses, so what are the differences between contact lenses and glasses?



The Difference between Glasses and Contact Lenses

The main difference is the distance between the eyes and the lens. Usually, the distance between the eyeglass lens and the eye is 12mm. The contact lens and the cornea of the eye are closely attached. If you wear glasses, you can see through the lens 12mm away from your eyes, which narrows your field of view. If you are wearing glasses now, take the glasses away from your face and feel the area of the lens gradually narrowing. However, contact lenses and eyes are in close contact, and will not narrow the field of view, and get the same field of vision as the naked eye. In general, when wearing glasses, the field of view is about 120 degrees, in contrast, contact lenses can get a field of view of about 200 degrees.


Secondly, what we see from the middle and sides of the lens are different, but the contact lenses are put directly on the cornea, and we can see things more naturally than glasses.



The Advantages and Disadvantages of Glasses



1) Convenient to wear and remove is one of the most obvious advantages of optical frame glasses, and it is one of the most popular reasons for myopia. No matter when and where, you can complete the wearing and removing of the frames glasses with just a little effort. There is no requirement to wash your hands, and there are no restrictions.


2) The easiest way to clean the frame glasses is to wipe the lens with a lens cleaning cloth. You can also apply a few amount of hand sanitizer to the lens, and rinse it off under running water. If you feel that it is too dirty, you can also go to a professional optical shop for ultrasonic cleaning.


3) No wearing time limit. As long as vision correction is required, it can be worn anytime and anywhere without time limit. It can be worn at any time except when it is taken off during sleep. Whenever you wear it, no matter how long you wear it, there are no side effects.


4) No wearing environment requirements. Whether you are attending a formal occasion, attending a family and friends gathering, or traveling outdoor sports, you can wear optical frames eye glasses without being affected.


5) The frame glasses do not directly contact the cornea when worn, so there is no damage to the cornea. This is one of the most obvious advantages of frame glasses.




1) The vision will become smaller. Myopic lens is a concave lens, the object seen through the concave lens is smaller than the real object. The degree of reduction is proportional to the degree of myopia. This is completely different from the feature that contact lenses do not become smaller.


2) Low safety. Because wearing for the first time is particularly prone to collisions and other unexpected situations, even if you wear it for a long time, when participating in sports activities, there will be inevitable collisions.


3) Frame glasses are easily deformed.


 blue light blocking sunglasses

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses



1) Eliminate the pressure of the frame glasses on the bridge of the nose and the friction of the pinna. Contact lenses have no obstruction by the frame, no weight, and have no effect on the appearance of the wearer. They are very suitable for beauty lovers, especially women.


2) Contact lenses bring great convenience to athletes, without the obstacles of the frame, and the risk that the frame lens may break.


3) The image seen by wearing contact lenses can be close to reality. It can improve the effect of frame glasses on zooming in or zooming out on the object image. The field of vision is wider when wearing contact lenses.



1) Since contact lenses are directly worn on the cornea, they cannot be worn for a long time. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it may cause inflammation. The maintenance and cleaning of contact lenses takes time, and the lenses are not easy to put on and take off like frame glasses.


2) Wearing contact lenses for a long time will cause dry eyes, and it will be uncomfortable to wear. The price of contact lenses is relatively high.



How to Choose Glasses?

Thanks to advances in contact lens technology, today, even if you prefer to wear glasses as the main form of vision correction, most people can successfully wear contact lenses.


Therefore, deciding whether to wear contact lenses or glasses and when to wear glasses is usually a matter of personal preference.


But remember, if you wear contact lenses throughout the day, you should also prepare a pair of frame glasses in case you need to stop wearing contact lenses because of eye infections or irritation, or you just want to take a break.


Of course, frame glasses are not just a functional product. For example, unique sunglasses have become a fashion item. You can wear anti reflective sunglasses to go out, which will make you look cooler when taking pictures.

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