Have You Cleaned Your Eyeglasses In the Wrong Way?

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Have You Cleaned Your Eyeglasses In the Wrong Way?

It is normal for glasses to get dirty after wearing them for a long time. Wearing optical eyewear glasses all day will inevitably cause dust on the glasses or fingerprints on the glasses when they are touched accidentally. Therefore, the cleaning of optical eyewear glasses is also a common problem. Here are some tips for cleaning glasses.



Wrong Way to Clean Glasses


(1) Wipe Directly with Hand, Paper Towel or Clothes


In order to save trouble, if the lens is stained with dust and stains, many people will directly wipe it with their hands, or paper towels or clothes to wipe it hard. It can remove the main stains, but it can not  clean the lens thoroughly, and is easy to produce scratches.



(2) Exhale or Spit


Some people will exhale on the lens and then wipe it with paper towels or clothes. This is not only the main source of scratches on the lens, but also unsanitary. Spitting on glasses has never been a good choice. Because bacteria in saliva can cause eye infections and can damage the coating on the lens.



(3) Wipe with Glasses Cloth


Some people will wipe the lenses back and forth with the glasses cloth, which will not hurt the lenses as much as the first two mistakes, but it is also incorrect, and the function of the glasses cloth is not to clean the glasses.



How to Clean Glasses Correctly


(1) Put it in the Glasses Box


It is recommended that when optical eyewear glasses are not worn, wrap the optical eyewear glasses with glasses cloth and put them in the glasses box, so as to effectively avoid dust.



(2) Correct Wiping Method


When wiping the lens, make a circle gently from the center of the lens to the side with a spectacle cloth, and the force should not be too large. It is recommended to pay attention to the position of optical frame glasses when wiping. Wipe the glasses with one hand and grasp the central position of the glasses frame near the nose bracket with the other hand to ensure the balance of forces on both sides of the frames and avoid the deformation of one side of the frames.



(3) Rinse with Water


If the surrounding conditions allow, turn on the tap, put the glasses at an angle of about 30 degrees, and wash them with a thin, slow water column. Never wash the lens vertically with water column too fast and too fierce. After washing, let the glasses air dry naturally instead of with hot air. In addition, when washing glasses with water, do not shake them up and down, and try to shake off the water drops on them, because doing so will only loosen the glasses.


Have You Cleaned Your Eyeglasses In the Wrong Way


(4) Bath Lotion, Soap or Detergent


It is recommended to clean the lens with soap or detergent because the lens is often contacted by hands, which may contain oil. Wash the detergent with clean water, then wipe it with soft paper or glasses cloth or dry it naturally.



(5) Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


Go to the nearest glasses store and ask professionals to help clean the frames optical glasses with the ultrasonic cleaner. This will clean it thoroughly.



(6) Special Wiping Paper or Cloth for Glasses


Special eyeglass wiping paper can be bought online. This paper is disposable, but it is not easy to scratch the lens. At least it is better than wiping eyeglasses frames optical glasses with tissue paper.



(7) Change Lens


If it is found that optical eye glasses have been scratched badly, it can be considered to change the lenses to avoid eye injury.


However, do not wash glasses frequently. It is recommended to wash glasses once every two days. Optical eye glasses are very important to protect the eyesight of the eyes, so it is necessary to maintain the optical eye glasses at ordinary times.

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