How Do You Clean Your Glasses?

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How Do You Clean Your Glasses?

Glasses will be stained with a lot of oil, dust and some microorganisms when they are used for a long time. Besides going to the glasses shop to clean the magnet reading glasses, do we have our own cleaning methods? Let 's take a look.



How to Clean and Disinfect Glasses?


(1) Prepare 50-60 degrees of hot water in the container, and add a little detergent or soap in it. Stir evenly until there are some bubbles in the hot water.


(2) Soak PC reading glasses in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Then take them out of the hot water, and clean the nose pad and the edge of the frame with paper towel or cotton swab. Again soak it in hot water for another minute. Take it out and continue to clean the nose pad frame and lens.


(3) After repeating step two three times, take a small amount of alcohol into the container and add a proper amount of water. Soak the glasses for 3 minutes. If there is no alcohol, 60 degree pure hot water can replace it.


(4) Let the glasses dry naturally, or take a clean cloth to absorb water from the lenses and frames. It can be equipped with special microfiber cloth.


In addition, special cleaning and disinfecting wipes or ultrasonic cleaning machines can also be utilized to thoroughly clean and disinfect glasses.



Common Mistakes in Cleaning Glasses


(1) Huff at the Lens


Many people who wear progressive reading glasses will have such a movement. When their glasses are dirty, exhale on the glasses, and then wipe them with glasses cloth or paper towel. This is a mistake. The exhalation is unsanitary. Sometimes there are very small particles on the lens. It is possible to scuff the lens with paper towel or glasses cloth. Moreover, the glasses cloth is to wrap the glasses more and avoid it from contacting with the glasses box.



(2) Wash Glasses with Disinfectant


Generally speaking, disinfectant is not suitable for cleaning the lens, because the lens has a film, and the lens film is not suitable for the cleaning with irritant cleaner. Disinfectant is harmful to the film layer of the lens. Only a little can be used for cleaning and disinfection, and it can not be commonly used.



(3) Alcohol Cleaning Glasses


Generally speaking, alcohol is not suitable for cleaning resin lenses. Because the resin lens is relatively soft, and generally coated. The film layer not only improves the hardness of the lens, but also has more other functions. The lens film is not suitable to be cleaned with irritant cleaning agent. The stimulation of alcohol is harmful to the film of lens. If the film layer of the lens is damaged, the light transmittance of the lens will decrease, and the clarity, scratch resistance and anti reflection of the lens will also decrease.



(4) If the Glasses Are Not Broken, They Will Not Be Replaced


Many people change glasses only when they are broken, even if the lenses have been scratched, stained, cracked or peeled off. In this case, it is recommended to change glasses as soon as possible. Otherwise, because light scattering may lead to unclear vision, and longer time will cause more vision loss.



How to Store Glasses Safely?


(1) When glasses are not worn, always put the multi focus reading glasses in the glasses box. This will not only protect them from dust, but will also prevent them from being scratched or bent.


(2) When out, quickly wrap glasses with microfiber cloth or with microfiber bags to place glasses.


(3) If glasses are taken off temporarily, be sure to put them away so as not to damage them. If it is folded, put the lens up. If they are unfolded, put them in place.


(4) Do not put glasses on the counter in the bathroom, as hair gel and beauty products may get on the lenses and damage the protective coating.


Scientific cleaning and reasonable utilization can protect the safety reading glasses and make them have a longer service life. Therefore, it is necessary to know some common sense about the utilization and maintenance of glasses.

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