How Do You Protect Glasses Without A Case?

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How Do You Protect Glasses Without A Case?

Lenses are the factors that have the greatest impact on the wearing comfort of the glasses. The slight changes in the lenses in daily use may cause some effects on the eyes, so the cleaning of the lenses is the key to the maintenance of the personalised sunglasses.



How to clean glasses?


Spray cleaning


This is the most common method of cleaning customizable sunglasses lenses. Just wipe with a spray cleaner and a matching cleaning cloth, spray the cleaner on both sides of the lens, and wipe it carefully with a clean hand in a circular shape. After the wiping is completed, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the surface. The only drawback of this way is that it is not easy to clean the oil at the nose bridge.



Special glasses wipe paper


The spray volume for cleaning glasses is large, and sometimes it is not convenient to carry to work or to go out. The glasses wiping paper solves this problem well. It is individually packaged and easy to carry. It can be used when it is torn apart. The paper can quickly clean the naked eyes of dust and stains on the lens, and can also be sterilized to ensure the dryness and hygiene of the polarized sunglasses lens.



Hand wash


This is a less-advised method of cleaning blue light blocking glasses, which can be used if there is no special glasses-cleaning liquid around. Rinse the lens with tap water, which can only to remove the attached dust. If you want to clean it, you need to add a small amount of diluted detergent, then rinse the lens with a small stream of water, and then dry it with a dry cloth or face towel.



Ultrasonic cleaning machine


Regular eyewear stores have such equipment. Before the glasses reach the customer, the clerk will use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the custom design sunglasses. Many shops can clean the glasses for free. It is also very simple to use.



Recommendations for wearing glasses


After the glasses are fitted, the quality of the glasses should be checked first. The lens should be smooth, transparent, free of bubbles and particles, uniform in texture, and free of streaks. The mounting ears of the temples should be in close contact with the head of the outer earwheel, and the elasticity should be moderate to avoid slippage. Pay attention to whether the distance between glasses and eyes is appropriate.


There are some matters needing attention at the beginning of wearing blue light blocking glasses. Some people can't adapt to seeing the difference between things and real things with glasses because they haven't worn them in the past. Therefore, they may be dizziness, dazzling, and even dare not to walk. In is the case, they should insist on wearing glasses and gradually adapt. If they can not adapt to the glasses, they should further review the lenses. Check whether it is consistent with the prescription prescribed by the doctor, and then check whether the pupil distance is consistent with the optical center of the lens. If the inspection is correct, it is necessary to consider whether the prescription is wrong.


Blue light blocking glasses and custom made sunglasses are essential equipment in people's lives. If you need to buy glasses, please contact us to know more details.

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