How Many Styles Do you Know about Sunglasses?

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How Many Styles Do you Know about Sunglasses?

By constantly paying attention to fashion information, you know the status of sunglasses in the fashion industry. Fashion sunglasses can not only create styles and enhance the aura, but the key is to protect the eyes from sun and ultraviolet rays in summer. Choosing the right fashionable sunglasses can also change your face visually and improve your temperament quickly. Hope you will like the sunglasses below.



Aviator sunglasses


Aviator sunglasses are suitable for all kinds of face shapes and all kinds of wears. In addition to being a must-have item for handsome men and women in the movie, the aviator sunglasses are also essential for everyone. In fact, the birth of this most famous sunglasses was designed by the US Army Aviation Corps in the 1930s to prevent glare in the air from interfering with the pilot’s line of sight.



Warfarer sunglasses


Warfarer traveler sunglasses with a slightly rounded, irregular quadrilateral style have been favored by Hollywood producers and stars since it was launched by Ray-Ban in 1953. The traveler sunglasses in 2020, after decades of continuous improvement by major brands, the frame shape has become thinner than when it was originally created, and the inclination of the lens to the face is not so obvious, suitable for various face shapes .



Narrow-edge sunglasses


Fashion is a reincarnation. The narrow-edge glasses popular in the 1990s in the world have entered the fashion world since last year. They began to appear frequently on the spring and summer series of show this year and were pushed to a climax. Unlike cat-eye sunglasses, narrow-edge sunglasses are narrow to some extreme.



Cat eye sunglasses


It gets its name because it looks like a cat's eyes, and it also looks like a butterfly's wings. One of the most popular styles in the past year or two, the cat-eye sunglasses has a natural sharpness, and it deserves to be the most fashionable one in sunglasses. The round-faced girl is most suitable for cat-eye sunglasses. Choose a cat-eye shape that is wider than your face. The cat-eye shape with upturned corners can modify the rounded face shape and make the face look more angular.



Round sunglasses


The round sunglasses have an inherent vintage temperament, and the large-frame round sunglasses are more fashionable. In the past few years, there has been a gust of fashion. The round sunglasses are very suitable for wearing on square or long faces. The soft shape neutralizes the lines of the rhombuses on the face, making the face look less tough.



Square sunglasses


The square/rectangular sunglasses frame has edges and corners, which is more neutral, so it is suitable for both men and women. It has become more popular in recent years. Because of its neutral charm, the whole has edges and corners, making you look domineering. For the face shape with soft lines on the face, actually only one rule is needed to choose sunglasses. Let sunglasses create angles for the face and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face. The whole is cooler.


Do you like the stylish sunglasses above? What do you think of aviator sunglasses, oval sunglasses and semi-rimless sunglasses, which will become the most popular in summer? Welcome to leave your comments.

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