How Much do You Know About Horn Rimmed Glasses?

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How Much do You Know About Horn Rimmed Glasses?

At present, what people want most is natural non-irritating glasses instead of artificial glasses, so this article will reveal the history, advantages and manufacturing process behind the world's most popular natural glasses——Horn Rimmed Glasses.



Historical origin


The trend has been popular since 1917 when the famous comedian Harold Lloyd wore horn glasses in his short film "Over the Fence". Compared with metal frames, the specifications of corner glasses are very special in appearance, so that people cannot help ordering such glasses from local opticians after seeing them on the large screen.


Later, slightly changed horn eyeglasses and browline glasses became the iconic glasses styles of the 1940s and 1950s. They installed protruding plastic "eyebrows" on the top of the metal frame, combining the aesthetics of corner glass with the stability of the metal frame, thus creating a unique appearance and being stronger than solid corner or plastic frames.


At that time, the retro fashion horn glasses were a kind of customized products sold only in luxury glasses shops, and the price was close to the one-month salary of ordinary employees. There are two main reasons for the high price: on the one hand, the horn itself is very expensive; on the other hand, the technological process requires experienced craftsmen to make it.


In spite of this, the designer finally overcame all these problems by using different materials to imitate the texture and color patterns of the original materials. The price reduction and the refinement of technology have also led to a higher and higher market share of corner glasses. Today, we offer a wide range of choices from acetate acetate frames to trendy vintage horn-rimmed glasses. Therefore, you can choose as you like.



Advantages of frame


Although designers have solved the appearance problem by copying the textures and colors of natural horn and shell materials, there are still some functions that cannot be replaced by replicas:

Horn frames are made of natural materials and are very suitable for sensitive skin.

The frame made of horn will not generate static electricity with other articles.

The horn-rimmed glasses have low density but are very hard.

The horn-rimmed glasses can help the body detoxify and remove heat.

The classic horn-rimmed frame can change with the change of the owner's face, so it don’t need to be replaced for your whole life.



Production process


It should be noted that only a few manufacturers have the ability and skills needed to turn horn glasses into top rated horn glasses. Every frame needs to be carved and polished. Without such advanced technology, it is impossible to complete such high-standard production. If the rules are not strictly observed, the glasses will inevitably crack.


In order to obtain a uniform and lustrous surface, the horn needs to go through multiple stages of traditional polishing methods to finally obtain actual patterns ranging from light beige and colored brown to dark black. When you order corner glasses, you can add your own opinions and choose the appropriate horn slice from the product introduction book. Then, we will send your final measurement results and the selected slice information to a professional laboratory, where we will sharpen the lens to perfectly fit the frame.


However, many people think that angle glasses exist a big disadvantage: it is impossible to design the frame chic because the horn needs to keep its original flat shape all the time.


Thanks to the cultural influence of fashionable people, latest fashion horn glasses will reach another peak in popularity in 2020. If you want your own pair of horn-rimmed glasses, please come to Emma Optics to choose trendy vintage horn-rimmed glasses. Latest fashion horn glasses have a wide range of price and function options, so we are fully confident that we can provide you with the right choice for your budget.

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