How Much do you know about Polarized Glasses?

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How Much do you know about Polarized Glasses?

There's a lot of discussion about the benefits of wearing polarized glasses, but do you actually know what they are or what they do? This short article will briefly explain what high quality polarized glasses are and the main benefits for a particular population.



What are polarised glasses?


Polarised glasses are lenses made according to the polarization principle of light, which are used to exclude and filter the direct light in the beam. Therefore, the light can be put into the eye vision image on the right light transmission axis to make the vision clear and natural. Polarised glasses are mostly used for sunglasses and camera lenses.



How do polarized glasses work?


It works by selectively filtering light from a certain direction. By filtering out a lot of polarized light in diffuse reflection to reduce the intensity of light in the sky, so as to darken the sky and increase the contrast between blue sky and white cloud.


Polarizing lenses can be manufactured in a variety of ways and colors. In daily driving, we may encounter the situation that sunlight can reflect in multiple directions, and then ultraviolet light will reflect back from horizontal surfaces such as water, ground or car hood, thus affecting our vision. The UV polarized sunglasses includes a laminated filter that allows light to pass only in the vertical direction. High end polarized sunglasses block horizontal light and reduce the amount of glare that reaches your eyes.



Advantages of polarized glasses


EMMA OPTICAl has a variety of lenses for sale, of which polarized light is one of our most popular types. In particular, if you often need to drive a car, the polarized safety sunglasses will also become your favorite because of the following advantages.


Reduce eye fatigue.

Reduce glare and Reflections

Eliminate any color or object deformation caused by sunlight.

Improve visual comfort

Increase clarity and visual contrast



Who benefits from polarized sunglasses?


If you love sports or outdoor activities, HD polarized sunglasses will be an important investment for you.


When driving, it will not be bothered by the sunshine and the reflection of the vehicles ahead;

When fishing, the water waves shine in the sunshine, but you will not feel uncomfortable

When skiing, you don't need to worry about reflection and ultraviolet rays, just enjoy gliding;

When it's raining, the traffic signs on the road with rainwater flowing clearly appear in front of your eyes;

When you are on holiday, enjoy the sunshine, beach and leisure time.


Poor polarized sunglasses darken the light entering the human eye, resulting in pupil enlargement. In this case, the UV light entering the eyes will increase and the damage to the eyes will enlarge. Therefore, when purchasing UV polarized sunglasses, you must go to a professional optical shop, such as Emma optical. Here are a series of polarized sunglasses for you to choose from, and we promise to let you buy the most suitable sunglasses at the best price.

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