How Often Should You Get New Glasses?

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How Often Should You Get New Glasses?

Many people have no idea about the lifespan of the frame glasses, and the glasses are used as long as they are not broken. However, with the loss of glasses, the burden on the eyes is also increasing. In fact, the lens will oxidize and yellow after long-term use, and the clarity and light transmittance will be reduced. Coupled with the poor wear resistance of some lenses, there will be different degrees of wear and scratches, which affect the correction effect and even cause problems such as visual fatigue. Regular blue light blocking glasses replacement is necessary.



What are the reasons for changing glasses regularly?



There is a natural loss of the lens.


During the use of optical lenses, there will be some wear on the surface. Resin lenses can absorb ultraviolet rays, but at the same time the lenses will also age and yellow. These factors will affect the light transmittance.



The refractive state changes every year.


With the change of age, the environment and degree of use of the eye, the refractive state of the human eye has been changing, so it is necessary to re-refraction every two years.



Accessories aging affects use.


Just like the aging parts of the car regularly change tires, the aging of the polarized sunglasses parts will not directly affect the correction effect, but it will also affect the experience. Regular replacement of some eyewear gadgets can rejuvenate your glasses. The angle of some frames and nose pads may change as the glasses are repeatedly taken off and on, and some glasses may even deviate. So regularly check with an ophthalmologist for inspection and adjustment to see if the glasses are deformed.



Reading glasses should be replaced regularly.


Out of frugality, many old people wear their polarized reading sunglasses for a few years or even a decade. There is no uniform time rule for the specific replacement of reading glasses. When the old men wears glasses to read the newspaper and feels tired, their eyes are sore and uncomfortable, the glasses should be replaced.



Do personalised sunglasses need to be replaced regularly?


British media reported that the long-term exposure of customizable sunglasses lenses to sunlight will reduce the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays. If they are not replaced for a long time, the cornea will be damaged and cause vision problems. Studies say that exposure to sunlight may degrade the lens function of adjustable sunglasses and the lens may become lighter. It will also reduce the resistance of the lens, that is, the shatterproof index of the lens. Therefore, sunglasses that can filter ultraviolet rays have become our important equipment to protect our eyes in the sun. Researchers suggest that it is better to replace a new pair when you buy sunglasses for more than two years.


Do you regularly change your blue light blocking glasses and UV 400 polarized sunglasses? In order to protect the health of our eyes, we need to pay attention to the use of glasses. Follow us to know more about the glasses.

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