How to Buy Optical Glasses of the Best Size?

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How to Buy Optical Glasses of the Best Size?

A pair of qualified glasses can make people's eyes clear, while unqualified or inferior glasses will cause dizziness, nausea and other uncomfortable feelings. It is the desire of consumers to choose a pair of qualified men optical glasses. Next, I will introduce you how to choose the right size of glasses.



Measure the Glasses Frame


The most fundamental rule when the matter comes to choosing the right size of your frame is that neither it should be too small or too large when you put it on your face. A frame that looks big on you would be also heavier and you will feel uncomfortable. So it is important to know the prescription eyeglass frame size. You can get your frame measurements from your ophthalmologist or simply use a ruler to measure your frame size. Before you make a measurement, you have to consider these important factors, the diameter of the lens, the distance between the lenses and the temple length of the frame.



How to measure through a ruler?


This is quite simple. Just look at the mirror holding a ruler below your eyes (make sure it has millimeter units. Now, calculate the span between both sides of the temples. This will specify you what frame width will fit you accurately. In most prescription eyeglasses, you will see exact measurements printed on the temples or sometimes behind the nose bridge. A modifiable nose pad is another selection for people with smaller noses or lower nose bridge.



How to measure through the glasses?


To find out the measurement of your current frame size, you can take off your eyeglasses frames. Look at the inner part of your frame temple, you will see 3 numbers engraving on your temple indicating the size of your frames in millimeters. If you do not find it there; then it must be behind the nose bridge area. Understanding frame size is important. For example in the frame where it reads 57-20-135, this indicates that 57 is your lens diameter, 20 is your nose bridge width size (the gap size between the two lenses) and 135 is the temple length of your frame. In case of bifocal lens having distinct optical powers; then it would also have vertical size to determine how deep the eye portion is.



The Distance Between the Lenses


Nose bridge is an essential element because even though the frame looks exceptionally attractive, it also assists someone to see clearer & better. The precise distance between both lenses aids decrease stress on the eyes, helps from slipping down the nose area, and does not smear much stress on the inner side of the eye. These elements are really imperative since such glasses that dont fit suitably often lead to numerous issues such as marks on around the nose and eyes and also produces headaches and stress in your eyes.


How to Buy Optical Glasses of the Best Size


The Importance of Aligning the Glasses Correctly


One more chief concern while opting for the correct frames is the absolute center alignment, that helps someone see accurately. It means that the lenses are exactly in front of your eyes, which assists you to see clearly, with no pressure on your eyes areas. The chances are greater that frames would slip from the nose if its weight is heavier. The frames made of titanium are even lighter yet stronger when matched to other sorts of frames.


Presbyopia is a normal part of the aging process. As people get older, the eyes gradually lose the ability to focus at certain distances. In addition to ordinary glasses, you can also choose reading glasses such as small reading glass, big reading glasses. The long arms reading glasses with multiple lenses can correct close and intermediate vision. These specially designed progressive bifocals reduce eye fatigue. Harsh overhead lighting and sunlight glare can often cause problems for your eyes including unnecessary eye strain. The oversize reading glasses and extra wide reading glasses will help ease the tension your eyes encounter after long hours of surfing the web or working on your computer in adverse vision conditions. 

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