How to Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Type Best?

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How to Choose Glasses That Fit Your Face Type Best?

As everyone knows that the category of glasses is various, there are sunglasses, nearsighted glasses, optic glasses and so on. We take sunglasses for instance. It also can be divided into many kinds according to the use or shape, which includes common sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, round frame vintage sunglasses, hexagon sunglasses, vintage rectangle sunglasses, geometric sunglasses etc. Most important thing is that the glasses can decide beauty and ugliness of one person. Of course, if you want to choose a pair of suitable glasses, firstly you should know your face shape, which will match what shape glasses.


How to judge the face shape?


It is important to judge the face shape before you choose a pair of suitable glasses. Maybe some people will ask how to judge the face shape? In fact, this is not difficult. You may take the mirror in front of you to watch it carefully to judge. Perhaps someone still cannot be sure that what kind of face shape they belong to. Don’t worry, take a frontal photo, don’t let any hair cover your face, and then use a painting brush to paint your eyes, nose and mouth of face into one color. At this time, you look the face shape, and you will see it at a glance. It is known that different glasses match different face shape. After you know your face shape, next we will tell you how to choose suitable glasses for each face shape. These methods are not only for women, but also for the men.


Oval shaped face


The oval shaped face is the face shape which most people like and are more envious of. In this face shape, the proportion of the face is moderate, and the lines of face are smooth, the transition is even and beautiful. If you have this kind of face shape, you may try different styles of glasses, and perhaps you will find the glasses shape you are favorite.


Round shaped face


Usually the forehead and chin of round face are relatively round, and then the face looks short. Due to the characteristics of the round face shape, and the appropriate rectangular frame will play a role in balancing the lines of face when you pick glasses. Of course, the glasses shape is too square, which is not good. It is best that the glasses frame has some rounded.


Square shaped face


This type of face has clear lines, a wide jawbone, and a square face. If you wear too square glasses, the face will look squarer, which is not beautiful to wear it. So you had better to choose some round frame glasses for balance. For example, you may choose some round frame sunglasses to wear.


Heart shaped face


This face shape has a sharp chin, a relatively full temple, and a narrow jaw, which is most suitable for oval and round frame sunglasses

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