How to Choose the Best Power for Reading Glasses?

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How to Choose the Best Power for Reading Glasses?

As people get older, many perceptions will deteriorate, such as presbyopia. Once the old man has presbyopia, seeing the surrounding things will be very difficult, and daily life will also be affected, so the top priority is to wear a pair of reading glasses. Which should I choose for prescription eyeglasses, low power reading glasses, high power reading glasses, blue light blocking reading glasses? Below we will introduce how to choose the appropriate custom reading glasses.



When should I wear reading glasses


Presbyopia is a symptom that everyone will have. The elderly generally need to wear reading glasses when the following symptoms occur:



1. Difficulty in close work or reading


When reading, you need to take the book away, or you need to read it in a place with strong light to see clearly. In this case, you need a pair of prescription reading glasses to help you work and read more efficiently.



2. Visual fatigue


As the adjustment power of glasses declines, the reading demand gradually approaches the limit of adjustment power, that is, when reading, almost all the adjustment power of the eyes must be used. This leads to the inability to use the eye for a long time, and at the same time, due to over-regulation, eye fatigue, headache and other visual fatigue symptoms are likely to occur.



3. Myopia


For myopic people, the need to take off the glasses or pull the reading away when reading at close range is also a performance of presbyopia. If you have presbyopia and hold on without reading glasses, fatigue of your eye ciliary muscles will definitely increase the difficulty of reading, produce many symptoms such as dizziness and dizziness, and affect your life and work. This is very unwise. Therefore, presbyopic glasses should be matched as soon as possible.



How to choose reading glasses and degrees


1. Optometry must be performed first, go to the optical center for inspection before wearing reading glasses. Left and right vision, interpupillary distance, different degrees of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc., and refractive errors should be detected.

2. If you like to play mobile phones or outdoor activities, you can choose anti-blue light, anti-ultraviolet lenses.

3. After wearing reading glasses, at 30 cm, you can see the smallest words in the newspaper without symptoms such as object deformation and dizziness, indicating that the reading glasses are suitable. If you are used to reading at a distance of 40CM, you should slightly reduce the matching diopter and vice versa. Poor physical fitness can be considered appropriate to increase the degree.

4. The elderly can wear sunglasses when they go out, the color is gray and brown. If the color is too light, it cannot withstand strong light. The nucleus of the elderly's lens is hardened, and its ability to absorb infrared rays is strong. But for the elderly with glaucoma and low vision, it is not suitable to wear color changing lenses and sunglasses.

5. Wearing reading glasses requires an adaptation period and regular maintenance.

6. Generally, the reading power of two reading glasses can't differ by more than 400 degrees.

7. If there is a disease that affects the eyes, do not rush to glasses while taking drugs, etc. After consulting the doctor, make preparations for glasses according to the doctor's instructions.

8. For comfort, choose one-to-one tailor-made. Professional eyewear consultants can make glasses according to your age, occupation, hobbies, face, vision and other data.


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