How to Find the Best Fit Reading Glasses?

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How to Find the Best Fit Reading Glasses?

Speaking of reading glasses, the most familiar ones on the market mainly include foldable reading glasses, half frame reading glasses, round reading glasses, pc reading glasses, anti blue light reading glasses. They all have different styles and applicable scenes.


Most people tend to buy a pair of high-quality, comfortable glasses. There are many types of glasses, so consider the following questions when choosing glasses. Generally, spectacle lenses are divided into resin, glass, and crystal. The lenses and frames also have a shelf life. When purchasing eyeglasses, you must also clearly see the product quality inspection certificate of the purchased eyeglasses production plant name and site, and at the same time ask for a shopping ticket. Once quality problems or other problems occur, you can protect your legal rights based on the shopping ticket.


Differences between custom and ready-made glasses


The so-called spectacles are usually called ready-made glasses, which are processed at a time according to fixed parameters. The finished glasses mainly includes sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses, swimming glasses and so on. The characteristic of this kind of glasses is that the pupil distance is fixed or adjustable, the lens power of the frame glasses is the same for both eyes, and generally there is no parameter of astigmatism. Ready-made glasses can be purchased directly in the pharmacy on the street. They are one-size-fits-all glasses, and the price is cheaper than custom glasses. Compared to custom glasses, these off-the-shelf readers have fewer features, and they do not have multi-focal or progressive options.


Custom glasses are optical glasses that are individually processed in order to meet the strict requirements of optical parameter rights. If your two eyes have different degrees of myopia or astigmatism, ready-made glasses may not meet your needs. Customized reading glasses are a suitable choice at this time, and the optician will make the lens according to your degree. This way your pupils must be aligned with the optical center of the lens to get the best vision correction. In addition, because each person's head width, nose bridge and other data are different, as well as eye parameters and eye habits are also different, the mirror angle and tilt angle of the glasses are also different. Therefore, design and processing according to the specific parameters of the customizer will allow the glasses to adapt to the human eyes, rather than the human eyes to adapt to the glasses.


Choose the right lens design


There are three main types of reading glasses on the market, namely single vision lens, double vision lens and progressive multi-focal lens.


Reading glasses are divided into several categories, and how to choose depends on the vision correction required by the individual.


The monocular is intended to correct hyperopia. They can be set to any focus, including myopia or middle vision. The single vision lens can only be used to look close, and the glasses need to be removed when looking far.


The bifocal lens has a correction function in the lower half of the glasses and a correction function in the upper half. However, the bifocal reading glasses have a jumping phenomenon, and the appearance is not beautiful.



Progressive lenses have a smooth transition between the distance and near focus areas, with no visible dividing lines. Compared to bifocal or trifocal, they may be more effective in correcting intermediate vision. The progressive multifocal lens can meet the needs of viewing objects at different distances in the distance, middle and near, and the appearance is also very good.


When choosing a reading glasses, you must find a professional to ensure that the horizontal distance of the optical center of the selected reading glasses matches your pupil distance.



Choose your lens shape and size based on your prescription


Lenses come in various shapes and sizes. Smaller and narrower lenses may be suitable for weaker prescriptions. But in terms of stronger prescriptions or multi-focal lenses, larger lens shapes are more suitable. If the lens is too small, distortion or prism effects may occur.



How to buy frames for reading glasses?


When choosing presbyopic eyeglass frames, in addition to price and aesthetics as standards, special attention should be paid to the size of the selected frame as close as possible to my pupillary distance, because it directly affects the intrinsic optical quality and wearing comfort of the glasses.


In general, good quality frames have these advantages: good elasticity, smooth and shiny coating, smooth production material and same size and shape of the lens ring. It is understood that the metal reading glasses frame has a place in the market. The metal materials used for spectacle frames include copper alloy, nickel alloy and precious metal. It requires a certain degree of hardness, flexibility, elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, gloss and good color.  


In short, metal, titanium or alloy frames are resistant to wear. Titanium is the lightest and softest metal frame material. If you plan to choose metal reading glasses frames, first make sure they fit your face, bridge of nose and ears comfortably.



How much do you know about lens coating?


If you are outdoors for a long time or want lenses that are resistant to falling, polycarbonate can meet your needs because it is safe and light. Trivex is another impact-resistant lens material that is lighter than polycarbonate and has less distortion. If you have a stronger prescription, then choose thinner and lighter high refractive index plastic lenses. Protective coatings may make your glasses last longer.


If you want to consult more information about reading glasses, please contact me, I hope my insights will be of some help to you. Personally, I prefer blue light reading glasses and round reading glasses. The former, as its name suggests, can resist blue light, which allows me to protect my eyes when using electronic products. The latter style is more classic, it will never lag behind the times.

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