How to Keep Your Eyes & Glasses Germ-Free?

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How to Keep Your Eyes & Glasses Germ-Free?

This article is mainly about eye care. The purpose is to introduce a correct cleaning method to people who wear optical frames for a long time, so that they can keep their eyes healthy.


Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more people are paying attention to their health protection. While wearing a mask to protect the respiratory system from viruses, sensitive eyes also need attention. Although many people who wear glasses think that an extra layer can effectively prevent viruses from entering the eyes. In fact, optical glasses will wear more germs around the eyes if they have not been strictly cleaned after being worn for a long time. No matter what kind of frames you wear, metal optical frames, plastic optical frames or acetate optical frames, you can't avoid the growth of germs. Therefore, a proper hygiene practice is more important than ever. But don't worry too much, this article will introduce you how to keep glasses and eyes clean during this global virus pandemic in detail in the following information.



How to prevent bacteria from getting into your eyes?


The hands are the organs that people touch the most in daily life, carry a lot of bacteria and viruses. And these bacteria and viruses often enter the people's eyes when they don't pay attention, such as rubbing their eyes and applying eye makeup, causing harm to their eyes. Many patients infected with conjunctivitis often fail to pay close attention to hand hygiene, which causes a large number of pathogenic bacteria to enter eyes. Although prescription ointments, eye drops, and allergy medicines can usually clear conjunctivitis symptoms quickly, it is always more effective to prevent infections than to treat them. In order to prevent bacteria from entering and affecting eyes, it is best to ensure hands and fingers clean. 


There is no "incorrect" method of hand washing, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives some of the most effective hand washing steps, as follows:


The first step is to soak your hands in water, preferably using a flowing water source. After that, apply soap or hand soap and rub it to form a foam. Don't forget to rub it between your fingers, between your nails and the back of your hands. The entire cleaning process should not be less than 20 seconds, so that the bacteria can be thoroughly cleaned. Finally rinse your hands thoroughly with clean water and dry them with a clean towel. Note that when closing the faucet, avoid touching your hands. It is best to use a towel or elbows.


Remember to wash your hands before touching eyes each time seems very boring. But considering the sensitivity and importance of the eyes, I believe you can overcome this little trouble.



How to keep optical glasses clean?


For people who wear glasses for a long time, if they can not guarantee the cleanliness of the glasses, no matter how good their hand hygiene is, it can not effectively prevent eye infections. Cleaning your glasses regularly is a good way to maintain best hygiene and prevent bacteria from getting close to your eyes. Most of the current spectacle frames are made of resin lenses and sheet frames. You can clean them directly with water or go to a professional place to clean and maintain the glasses. But it is worth noting that plastic or resin spectacle frames cannot be washed with hot water or alcohol. This article introduces a simple method for protecting glasses, which can be applied to most glasses on the market.


1. When wearing glasses, do not contact the convex surface of the lens with hard objects. It is best to store it in the box, which can effectively isolate bacteria.


2. Use low-pressure warm water flow when cleaning the glasses. This flow of water will effectively remove all debris or dust accumulated on the lens and frame while protecting the optical lenses.


3. Put a drop of detergent on each lens, gently massage the lens and soap on both sides of the entire frame, so that all corners are washed.


4. After soaking the glasses for about one minute, rinse them under water. Gently shake the glasses to remove excess water, then wipe dry with a clean lint-free towel.


Keeping your glasses clean will not only ensure your health, but also keep your sight clear and maintain a cheerful and happy mood. Hope this article can help you protect your eyes.

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