How to Maintain Your Glasses?

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How to Maintain Your Glasses?

Eyeglasses are a combination of lenses and frames that are worn in front of the eyes to improve vision or to decorate. Glasses can correct a variety of vision problems, including myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus, amblyopia, etc. There are many kinds of glasses, such as men optical glasses, women optical glasses, kids optical glasses and so on.


For people with poor eyesight, optical eye glasses are essential in daily life. If you wear the glasses for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be dust, grease and other stains on the lenses. But most people do not maintain their glasses very carefully, which will greatly reduce the service life of the glasses. So how to maintain the glasses correctly?



1. The way of taking off glasses


Taking off the glasses with only one hand will destroy the balance of the frame and cause deformation. It is recommended to hold the two arms of the frames with both hands and take them off in parallel on both sides of the cheek. After taking off the glasses, generally we should first fold the left temple back and then fold the right one, which is not easy to cause deformation of the frame.



2. The way of cleaning glasses


The principle of cleaning glasses is to keep the lens clean and avoid scratching the lens. The correct way to clean the lens is to use neutral soap or special cleaning agent. After cleaning the lens, we should use lens cleaning paper or soft tissue paper to dry the lens. Many people have the habit of wiping the lens with clothes or handkerchiefs, which is not correct because it may scratch the lens. As for cleaning the fine gap between the frames, we can use a soft old toothbrush to gently scrub to remove dirt.


 How to Maintain Your Glasses

3. The way to place glasses


When not wearing optical eye glasses, it is best to wrap them in glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case. If the glasses are temporarily removed, the convex surface of the glasses should be facing upwards, otherwise the lens may be scratched easily. At the same time, optical eye glasses should be kept away with corrosives such as insect repellents, toilet products, cosmetics, hair sprays, medicines, etc.


When placing glasses, we should also avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (above 60 ℃), otherwise it will easily cause deterioration or discoloration of the lens or frame. In addition, we should also go to the optician shop to adjust the frame regularly. The deformation of the frame will cause a burden on the nose and ears, and the lens will also loosen easily.



4. The maintenance of the sunglasses


For those who pursue fashion, designer fashion sunglasses and new fashion sunglasses are very popular. The maintenance of sunglasses is also very important.


In fact, the method of maintaining designer fashion sunglasses is like maintaining normal glasses. We should develop the habit of cleaning glasses regularly. It's just that sunglasses are often taken off and worn, and the lens may be scratched if you are not careful. When there are stains on the sunglasses lens, we should not use nails to remove it, which will easily scratch the lens.


It is important not to wear glasses during intense exercise to avoid the strong impact causing the lens to break, which can easily cause eye and face damage. It is best not to wear worn lenses to prevent light scattering and cause vision loss. And it is recommended not to look directly at the sun or strong dazzling light to avoid eye damage.


There are many types of glasses because of different materials. No matter wearing metal optical frames or plastic optical frames, as long as we maintain the glasses in the correct way, we can extend the service life.

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