How to Make Screen Time Easy on your Eyes?

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How to Make Screen Time Easy on your Eyes?

You just wanted to read a text message on your smart phone. But this message came from your daughter, writing about your granddaughter's performance at the dance recital. Then there was a Facebook link and your emailgradually, the vision becomes a little blurred.


In fact, you don't have to sacrifice healthy eyesight to enjoy your portable equipment. Just follow these six techniquesthese Facebook pictures and the book you read on the Kindle will look clear.





According to Dr. Jeffrey Ansel, a famous optometrist, when you look at portable screens, you often keep squinting to obtain better visual effects. At this time, your blink rate is only half that of normal people, which will make your eyes dry. Just as yoga instructors constantly remind you to breathe, don't forget to blink occasionally.



10/10/10 rule


Every ten minutes or so, you should move your eyes away from the small screen and stare at objects at least ten feet away for at least ten seconds. This method can refocus your eyes and relax for a moment.



Enjoy the scenery


Most portable devices offer two choices of reading screens: portrait mode and landscape mode. Horizontal mode will require scrolling to enlarge the text to fit your reading mode. Normally, you only need to turn the device a quarter to enable landscape mode. If this does not work, it is estimated that you have set the locking portrait mode in the device.



Protect your eyes and screen


If your eyes have glare symptoms, considering buying a computer reader can help reduce eye fatigue caused by long screen time. Anti blue light reading glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light by coating the lens surface, or absorb harmful blue light by adding anti-blue light factor to the lens substrate, thus realizing blocking of harmful blue light and protecting eyes. Anti blue ray reading glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to eyes. Through comparative detection by portable spectrum analyzer, the intensity of blue light emitted by mobile phone screen is effectively suppressed after using blue light filter reading glasses, thus reducing the damage of harmful blue light to eyes. One thing worth noting is that you should go to a professional optician to buy blue filter reading glasses!


Screen protectors are also an excellent choice to help reduce glare and prevent annoying scratches in the corners of the screen.



Automatic vs manual


Most smartphones and tablets automatically adjust the backlight, but it does not always give you the correct brightness due to its mechanical nature. You can check the brightness control settings of the equipment, set it to increase brightness in a bright environment, and reduce brightness when reading in bed at night. In addition, you can enlarge your font. although it will lead to more scrolling, but it is good for your eyes.



Take an active part in physical exercise


Children should not stay indoors all the time. During recess, they can play games, take a walk, and look out at the distant view, so as to relax the eye muscles and relieve asthenopia. On holidays, all the exercises such as climbing mountains, playing ball games, running and swimming are methods to relieve eye fatigue.

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