How to Pick Eyeglasses For Your Face Type?

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How to Pick Eyeglasses For Your Face Type?

In life, we wear glasses on many occasions. For example, if you are short-sighted, you must wear short-sighted glasses. Going to the beach by the sea and wearing sunglasses. Drivers wear sunglasses when driving. Or young people pursuing fashion will wear sunglasses to show their temperament, especially the stars.


Before we buy a pair of glasses, the first thing to do is to measure the shape of our face, so as to choose the best pair of glasses for our face. Especially nowadays young people like to shop online, so they must find the highest, lowest, widest and sharpest facial area of their face, so that they can buy glasses that suit them. There are many ways to determine the shape of your face. However, it is the easiest and shortest way to measure yourself in the mirror. In addition, we can use the famous "cross-shaped method", but it is not precise enough, and sometimes there will be large deviations. The following we will learn how to measure face shape through simple family techniques.



Methods to measure your face


The first thing to measure is our cheekbone. Place a tape measure on the outside of the eyes and under the nose. Stretch from the left cheek to the right cheek. Then record the measured value of the tape measure.


Place one end of the tape measure at the edge of the chin line, which is perpendicular to the point under the left ear. Then extend the tape measure to the right of the chin line, which is perpendicular to the point under the right ear. Then record the measured value of the tape measure.


Because the forehead is protruding and relatively wider than the rest of the face, it is easier to measure. Place the tape measure over the eyebrows, stretch from the left hairline to the right hairline, and pay attention to the widest point of the forehead. Write down the measured value of the tape measure.


The last step is to measure the length of the face. Start from the middle of the eyebrow, the middle of the hairline, and stretch the tape measure until the end of the chin. Make sure the tape measure is over the nose. Record the measured value of the tape measure.


 How to Pick Eyeglasses For Your Face Type

How to choose glasses for different face shapes


Square face


The square face is relatively short, the jaw line is prominent and angular. We need to pay attention to the two characteristics of square faces: square and short. The use of round spectacle frames, especially spectacle frames with round bottoms, can reduce the sensation of corners being too obvious.


Choose glasses with a small height. If the frame height is too large, it will occupy most of the face, and make people feel that this face is shorter. If possible, choose a myopia frame with a higher temple position. This will make the face look longer.



Rectangular face


Just like a square face, the angle of the mandible of this face shape is obvious, the difference is that the face is longer. We still need to use round glasses frames to ease the corners, but we also need to shorten the face shape.


Contrary to the aforementioned square face shape, we tend to choose a spectacle frame with a large height and a temple position in the middle, so that the myopic spectacle frame can occupy the appropriate part of the face. The following is a detailed description of the glasses selected for the square face. The round frame will make the jaw lines look softer. If you feel that the round frame does not fit the look you want, then a pilot-style frame can also be used. For women, the butterfly-shaped frame or cat-eye frame will balance your facial features and make you look more feminine. In addition, the cat eyes optical frames will make you look more attractive.



Heart shaped face


The heart-shaped face is also called an inverted triangle face, which is characterized by a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow and pointed jaw. The appearance of this face is not balanced up and down, the upper part is larger and more prominent than the lower part.


You need to wear a myopia frame with the opposite appearance, that is, the bottom is wider so that the width of the lower half of the face can be increased. The lower position of the temple also helps to improve this effect. Or it is recommended that wearing a pair of rectangular frame  glasses or square optical glasses because they can add balance and "fullness" to the smaller pointed chin and narrow chin.



Inverted heart shape


The inverted face also feels unbalanced, the forehead is narrow, and the wider the downward, the lower jaw is wide and prominent.


This kind of face shape is relatively rare. The principle of choosing a spectacle frame is the opposite of a heart-shaped face. A frame with a high temple position and a narrow bottom is required.



Round face


The shape of the round face is completely opposite to the square face, so the selection principle of the myopia frame is basically the opposite of the square face.


The myopic spectacle frame with obvious angular edges is needed to improve the contour of the face shape, but at the same time, the principle of "elongation" of the square face is also required. That is, use a square optical frame with a low height and a high temple position.


In summary, nowadays not only myopic people often wear glasses, but now many people also wear decorative glasses. The main way is to choose the one that suits you best. The simplest way is to decide according to your face. Wenzhou Emma Optics has a professional manufacturer and exporter for fashion reading glasses, optical frame, sunglasses products. If you have a need for glasses, please stay tuned for the latest developments in our website.

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