How to Pick Your Eyeglasses?

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How to Pick Your Eyeglasses?

More and more people are now wearing glasses, perhaps to adjust their eyesight, and some for aesthetic, so the cost of glasses increases at a rapid rate, especially for those who suffer from poor vision or astigmatism. So how to buy more suitable and cost-effective metal optical glasses frame?



Shopping Online


There are countless suppliers who have already distributed the sales and purchase of eyewear products online, and these eyewear products can be bought just sitting at home. Compared with their respective optometrists, the cost is negligible.


For those who are accustomed to unwilling to continuously loose of breaking glasses and still need a legal prescription to buy such glasses, the metal optical frame price is the lowest.


It is recommended to try on glasses at the optometrist’s workplace and experience a satisfying facial sensation. Make sure there aren’t many pleasant return guidelines that are best for online purchases.



Shopping in The Showroom


The showroom store is definitely the first choice for fashion queens and fashion men. Well-known brands with frames usually put glasses in the pre-show style in the showroom, instead of always hanging on the glasses, and can sell the last season's style at a slight low price.



Looking for a Clearance Sale


Look for shopping opportunities in a clearance sale that may appear somewhere in the location of the optometrist's work. The displayed acetate optical frame may only come from an earlier period, they are may be the additional inventory or be returned by the customer. It is best to check the clearance frame with the optometrist and go to the relevant store to buy, because the lens can be fixed at any time.



Choose Classic or Traditional Frame


If you are passionate about fashion in the past few years or earlier, you may consider favoring traditional or classic titanium optical frames, these frames are very cheap.


Individuals can choose the oldest glasses inherited from the elders at any time. It will have a huge history, which will be a fashion.


Only a few plastic optical frames can tolerate the operation of fixing the lenses again, and make sure to say "sayonara" to the glasses at the factory.



Precautions of Buying Optical Glasses


1) Determine the purpose of buying the optical glasses first?


Do you want to wear a pair of glasses that are suitable for every occasion? Or are the glasses used in specific occasions?, such as the computer reading glasses. After understanding your own needs, you can choose according to the function of the lens.



2) Find out what types of lenses


A. Single focal lenses: The surface power is the same, there is only one focus, which can be used to correct single vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

B. Progressive multifocal lenses: For example, people with presbyopia and myopia are suitable for wearing multifocal lenses, which can meet the wearer's vision needs at different distances. The common type is the progressive multifocal reading glasses.



3) Targeted selection of lens materials


A. Glass lens: Glass lens are the most common type of lens in the past. It is scratch resistant and not easy to wear, but the disadvantage is that it is heavy and easy to break, which is not suitable for children or sports.


B. Resin lenses: Also known as safety lenses, the main characteristics are light and thin, so they gradually replace glass lenses as the main lens material, but the disadvantage is that the surface is easy to scratch, so it is often necessary to plate abrasion-resistant layer to increase its hardness and improve the problem.


C. PC lens: Originally used for special purposes such as bulletproof glass and astronaut masks, it is also often called a space lens. It has the advantages of anti-ultraviolet and high safety, so it is suitable for people who are in danger of collision in the occupation, such as firefighters, workers using lathes, grinding wheels, etc. Because of its high impact resistance and light weight, people who are often engaged in intense sports such as basketball, squash, baseball, badminton, etc. may consider using PC lens glasses as materials, which can help reduce the risk of eye damage during sports, or people who often break their optical glasses because of exercise can also consider it.

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