How to Pick the Best Progressive Lens Glasses?

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How to Pick the Best Progressive Lens Glasses?

With the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, progressive lenses and glasses have been favored by the majority of presbyopic wearers because of their advantages of providing full vision, no light jump, easy adaptation, appearance consistent with ordinary lenses, and convenient use, it become a high-quality choice for the broad masses of the people. Do you know how to choose progressive lenses and frames? 



What is progressive lens

Progressive lenses are a milestone in the history of lens development. Progressive lenses refer to multiple focal points on a lens. If divided from the focal point, the lens can be divided into single focus lens, bifocal lens, multi-focus lens. Our most common lenses are single-focus lenses, which have only one luminosity; many older people used to solve the problem of looking at a distance and seeing near at the same time, but due to their major shortcomings and the popularity of progressive multi-focus lenses, double-vision lenses have basically It has been eliminated; multifocal lenses as a milestone in the history of lens development will also be the main direction of future research and development and market popularization by scientists.



Selection and adjustment of progressive lens frames

Progressive lenses are very important for choosing the right frame and adjustment. Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

1. The stability of the frame is better, and it conforms to the shape of the face. It is generally not suitable to use a frameless frame that is easily deformed. We should ensure that the curvature of the front curve of the frame matches the wearer's forehead curvature.

2. The frame must have a sufficient vertical height, according to the type of lens selected, otherwise it is easy to split the near vision when cutting the edge.

3. The eye distance of the frame (referring to the distance between the posterior vertex of the lens and the anterior vertex of the cornea, also called the vertex distance) should be as small as possible without touching the eyelashes.

4. Adjust the forward tilt angle of the frame according to the facial characteristics of the wearer (the angle between the plane and the vertical plane of the lens circle after wearing the frame is generally 10 to 15 degrees. If the degree is too large, the forward tilt angle can be adjusted), try to match the frame with the face, this helps to maintain a sufficient gradient vision.


How to Pick the Best Progressive Lens Glasses


Who is suitable to wear progressive lenses?

In recent years, progressive multifocal lenses have shown extremely rapid development and popularity in China. Scientists have made corresponding studies on multifocal lenses according to the way of using eyes and physiological characteristics of people of different ages, and finally divided them into three categories of lenses:

1. Youth myopia control lenses-used to reduce visual fatigue and control the speed of myopia development. Progressive multifocal reading glasses are generally used.

2. Anti-fatigue lenses for adults-used by teachers, doctors, people who use too much at close range and computers to reduce visual fatigue caused by work. We recommend using progressive reading glasses.

3. Progressive film for middle-aged and elderly people-a pair of glasses for middle-aged and elderly people to easily look far and near.


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