How to Prolong Your Reading Glasses Service Time?

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How to Prolong Your Reading Glasses Service Time?

The service life of glasses has a great relationship with the wearing habits and maintenance. Today we will focus on how to extend the service life of modern reading glasses.


When the lenses of titanium reading glasses are covered with dust and blurry, many people with presbyopia will have a habitual action, which is to wipe the lenses with mirror cloth, clothing corners or toilet paper. Frequently using this wrong method to dry the lens will directly damage the lens and shorten the service life of stylish reading glasses. So how to extend the service life of reading glasses?



1. When wearing, take off with both hands, and avoid sunlight in the storage place.


Please hold the glasses legs with both hands in parallel to the sides of the cheeks, wear fashion reading glasses directly in front of the bridge of the nose, and wearing it with one hand will easily cause the lens frame to deform and loosen, which will destroy the left and right balance of the frame, causing deformation and burdening the nose and ears. If the frame is deformed, you should find a local optician to adjust the angle, do not adjust it yourself, so as not to break the lens and damage the frame. In addition, it is necessary to avoid long-term sunlight exposure. In places where the sun is easily exposed, the frame is easily discolored due to the decomposition of light and heat.



2. Daily cleaning of glasses should be timely, and you should pay attention to cleaning methods.


After using the bifocal reading glasses every day, please wipe off the grease sweat on the nose pads and the frame in time, because the sweat or the oil on the skin can easily corrode the metal parts of the frame and cause peeling. Washing the glasses every day is very helpful to prolong the service life of the glasses. The lens is stained with dust. After washing away the dust with clean water, wipe the glasses, otherwise the lens may be scratched easily.


Dry wiping is easy to wear lenses. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to use warm water with a low concentration of neutral detergent. Do not use alcohol or soap. Try to use special lens cleaning cloth after cleaning. When wiping, hold one side of the frame and wipe gently to avoid excessive force. In addition, don't touch the lens with hard objects, don't wipe the lens with your fingers, please wipe with a clean lens cloth to reduce lens wear. Please wipe in time, otherwise the scale will become stains.



3. Ask a professional institution to adjust and maintain.


The frame is prone to deformation after long-term use. Regularly try to open the frame, lay it flat or put it on the flat surface to see if there is any unevenness. If you need to adjust it to balance, if wearing puts a burden on the nose or ears, and the lens is loose, you should regularly go to a professional store (many optical glasses shops provide simple repairs for free) for adjustment. If deformation has occurred, do not adjust it yourself to avoid causing more problems. At this time, we must take it to the optical glasses shop for professional adjustment work.



4. Add glue at the seams.


Don't be afraid to add a little glue to the seams of reading glasses. Using Elmer glue can be more flexibly fixed on the hinge, while using Super Glue can be permanently fixed on the plastic parts and nose bridge.



5. Repair the reading glasses.


Has your cheap reading glasses peeled off, or there are dents and nicks left? There are hundreds of ways to solve this problem. The easiest way is to obtain a permanent mark and fill in it when needed.



5. Other tips for maintenance.


1) Please remove your glasses with both hands.

2) Ensure that the glasses are flat.

3) Resin lenses should be anti-wear.

4) Wear as little as possible when sweating.

5) Regularly go to the optical glasses shop to clean the glasses.

6) Adjust the frame in time when the glasses are not suitable.

7) Deep disinfection and maintenance of trendy reading glasses every six months are needed.


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