How to Sanitize Your Glasses?

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How to Sanitize Your Glasses?


The metal optical glasses case is always equipped with a piece of glasses cloth, many people are used to wipe the lens with this cloth. But do you know? Wiping the optimum optical reading glasses with this cloth will damage the lenses. The glasses cloth is actually just an ornament. It is best not to wipe the glasses with it. How should we effectively clean the optimum optical reading glasses?



Why glasses get dirty easily


1. The film layer of the lens. There will be a film on the surface of the lens to prevent dirt and dust. If the lens is easily dirty, it may be that your lens surface lacks an anti-fouling film and an anti-static film layer, which makes dust easily adsorbed on the lens surface.


2. The problem of lens adjustment. For example, if the eye distance of the lens is adjusted too close and the cheekbones are too high, the lower edge of the lens may be attached to the skin surface, which may cause the lens to become dirty.


3. Personal habits. After wearing the glasses, we will unconsciously add one more action is to push the glasses or lift the glasses. During the action of lifting the glasses, it is likely to touch the glasses to cause fingerprints, and not cleaned in time will cause dust adsorption.


Or it is possible that we take the glasses inadvertently after taking off the glasses. Especially women, who have make-up, cooking, and other special circumstances are more likely to be stained on the surface of titanium optical glasses.



Tips for cleaning glasses


1. Use dishwashing liquid. The dishwashing liquid can not only clean the dishes but also clean the optical reading glasses. We squeeze some dishwashing liquid on the glasses and put them under the tap to rinse. Don't rush to wipe with a cloth, turn down the water flow to rinse the water drops. Leave it for a while, and then wipe it clean with the glasses cloth, so that the lens becomes clean and bright


2. Use toothpaste skillfully. The friction particles on the surface of the toothpaste can play a cleaning role, and can also remove scratches on the lens. Squeeze some toothpaste on the glasses, apply the toothpaste evenly and then wash it repeatedly with water, so that the dust and scratches on the glasses can be cleaned.



How do we maintain glasses


1. Try to choose anti-fouling and anti-static functions when choosing lenses;

2. Correctly adjust the distance between the lens frame and the lens, (the distance between the lens and the vertex of the cornea is 9-15mm);

3. The lens is not in contact with the skin, and avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals, high temperature, etc.;

4. When scrubbing the lens, first rinse with clean water or add a little detergent. After washing, use a clean paper towel to absorb the water stains on the surface. Remember to wipe with the corner of the clothes or the old mirror cloth

5. If there is no clear water, blow the surface of the lens to blow off the dust, and then use a clean lens cloth to insert the test in the same direction;

6. When the glasses are not worn and stored, the lens will face upwards. Do not touch hard objects to avoid scratching the film.


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