How to Select Best Eyeglasses for Your Hairstyle?

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How to Select Best Eyeglasses for Your Hairstyle?

There are many people wearing glasses now. Even if many girls have good eyesight, they will wear personalized glasses for decoration. There are many types of glasses, such as round optical glasses, cat eye optical glasses, frameless optical glasses and so on. However, whether you use glasses to correct your vision or use it for decoration, you need to consider whether the hairstyle and glasses style are in harmony. If the hairstyle matches the style of the glasses, it will leave a good impression.



How to choose glasses suitable for different women hairstyles?



Short curly hair


The black round optical frame is a good choice. Short curly hair is a refreshing and sweet style. Girls with short curly hair then wear a pair of black round optical frames, which is very effective in reducing age. And this combination is very casual and stylish.



Long curly hair


Girls with long curly hair can choose to wear cat eye optical glasses. This is a very feminine combination. Long curly hair is very personal and mature style, if you put on a pair of cat eyes optical frames is very suitable. You can also wear a sweater and skirt, which will look both casual and feminine.



Straight hair


Girls with straight hair can try rimless optical glasses. Women with straight hair who wear rimless optical glasses will look smarter and fresher, especially for women who work in the office.



Twist braid


Girls who like braided hairstyles can choose half optical frames. Now, the braided hairstyle has become synonymous with cute. If a girl with a braided hairstyle then wears a half optical frame, such a collocation is more harmonious and classic.


 How to Select Best Eyeglasses for Your Hairstyle

How to choose glasses suitable for different men hairstyles?


Slicked-back hairstyle


A man with a slicked-back hairstyle and then wearing a suit is the main combination for attending formal occasions. This is a gentle and elegant way of matching. At this time, square optical frame is a good choice.


The square optical frame is suitable for almost all face shapes, and has the visual effect of lifting the cheeks upward. Therefore, it is very suitable for slicked-back hairstyles that need to show the whole face. The design of the square optical frame includes details such as lens edge, frame and nose pad. It will make people's facial features more three-dimensional. It is combined with slicked-back hairstyle to make men look wise, calm and handsome.



Curly hair


Men with curly hair can choose oval optical glasses. The oval optical glasses originated from Boston where students gathered. In the 1970s, students like to wear such oval glasses. It is not as ordinary as a round optical frame, but has a sense of fashion. Curling hair with oval optical glasses can make boys look more energetic. If you think square optical frame is too ordinary, you can try oval optical glass, which is novel and trendy.


In addition, for people who like to wear hats frequently, the matching of hats and glasses is more important than the matching of hairstyles and glasses. For example, those who like to wear berets can choose round optical glasses. The beret is with a sweet fashion style. Some people think that berets have higher requirements for personal face shape, but with a round optical glass can make berets suitable for people with any face shape. Because the round frame can visually reduce the face area. A beret and a pair of round optical glass will make your appearance very harmonious.


Because of different materials or different designs, the types of glasses are also different. Whether it is half optical frame or round optical frame, you can choose the most suitable glasses according to your hairstyle.

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