How to Select Bifocal Reading Glasses?

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How to Select Bifocal Reading Glasses?

With the increase of age, the lens nucleus of the eyes continues to increase and gradually harden, and at the same time the contractility of the ciliary muscle also continues to weaken, so that the eyes’ accommodation power gradually decreases, and the near point moves farther. At this time, it is difficult to see near. We call this physiological phenomenon presbyopia. In order to compensate for the weakened adjustment ability, reading glasses need to be worn when working at close range. We have prepared all kinds of reading glasses for you, including safety reading glasses, professional multifocal reading glasses, progressive multifocal reading glasses, optics reading glasses and so on. Today, we introduce you about the bifocal reading glasses.



Bifocal reading glasses


The correction of presbyopia with bifocal reading glasses is the integration of two different refractive powers on the same lens, making it a lens with two different refractive power areas, that is, two focal points. Clinically, most patients have different types and different degrees of refractive errors. When a person have presbyopia and myopia at the same time, we need to increase the additional degree of myopia, so there is need for different prescription lenses for hyperopia and myopia. Bifocal reading glasses mean that the upper half lens is used to look items far, and the lower half lens is used to look close things.


Bifocal is a lens with two focal points. The unmagnified upper part of the bifocal lens helps you focus on the distance while driving, watching TV, cooking and other activities. At the bottom of the bifocal lens, you can gain reading ability, which helps you in activities such as reading, reading maps, sewing or researching recipes up close.



Does "bifocal" mean that a lens has two focal points?


Yes! Although the top of the bifocal lens is transparent (also known as ’flat’), it allows you to observe from a distance without magnification correction, thus giving the lens two focal points: the unmagnified upper lens and the lower part of the bifocal insert.



What are bifocal sunglasses?


Like our conventional bifocal reader, the top of the bifocal sunglasses is not magnified, and your reading power is at the bottom of the lens. The dual focus function helps you view the speedometer, write on the scorecard, read the compass, etc. If you are an avid angler, you will love our polarized bifocal reading glasses, which can let you see underwater, you can bow and set your bait, or remove the precious fish just caught. In addition, all our reading glasses include UVA/UVB protection!



What are the customizable bifocal reading glasses?


The customizable dual focus is ideal for people with different magnifications in each eye, but the top of the lens still cannot increase magnification. If you need customizable bifocal glasses, we strongly recommend that you consult an ophthalmologist before ordering to confirm your reading ability, because these glasses are customized in our local laboratory and are non-refundable.



What is the progressive multifocal lens?


Progressive multifocal lenses are also called progressive lenses. As the name implies, a lens has multiple focal points. If divided from the focal point, the lens can be divided into single focus lens, bifocal lens, multi-focus lens. The original design of progressive multifocal lenses is to provide natural, convenient and comfortable correction methods for presbyopic patients. Wearing progressive lenses is like using a camera to shoot. A pair of glasses can see objects at a far distance, a near distance, and a medium distance. Therefore, we have described progressive lenses as ‘lenses that can zoom’. When wearing it, the pair of glasses is equivalent to using more glasses.



To sum up


Since our bifocal reading glasses are pre-manufactured and cannot be replaced, it is not possible to order bifocal glasses with different magnifications on the top and bottom of the lens. We provide more than 100 styles of bifocal reading glasses with different frame shapes, widths and colors, and everyone can wear their own style.

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