How to Select Prescription Glasses for Kids Online?

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How to Select Prescription Glasses for Kids Online?

Nowadays, e-commerce brings more convenient for people. People can easily go shopping online to buy anything they need in daily life. The glasses without exception can be bought online as well. With the popularity of e-commerce, it is no longer a dream for people to select the glasses online. Then how to select optical prescription glasses for kids online? After all, the parents very care about the eyes of kids. Generally there are some tips to select the children optical glasses or children optical frames.  In this article, there will be some methods which can help the parents to find the glasses online which are suitable for the kids. And we will introduce some selection tips of glasses for the parents’ reference.


The methods to select glasses for kids online


First of all, the parents need an optometry sheet of kids’ eyes before the parents select the glasses for kids online. The parents may go to hospital to let the kids do eyeglass power test to get it, or go to the glasses store to find the professional to help, where the kids can have an optometry. After the parents get the optometry sheet, they can go to the corresponding website that can be equipped with kids optical glasses or kids optical frames to choose for the kids. Here is one reminder that the parents had better to go to the qualified online glasses store, and never go to the unqualified store only for price.


Some selection tips online for parents


The choice of lens: When the parents select the lens of glasses for kids, they need check the thickness of the lens, the grade of the coating, the scratch resistant layer, the index of UV protection etc. For example, generally the kids like sports or activities, we know that the glasses easy to be scratched when they do exercise or play, and the scratch resistant layer can protect the glasses. The UV protection can protect the kids eyes.


Frame size: If the kids have worn the glasses before, the parents may select it according to the size of the glasses the kids are wearing. If this is the first time to get the glasses for kids, the parents can measure the size the kids need based on the data of the glasses or find the professionals or doctors to consult to find the right frame size and lens for kids. Remember to communicate with the glasses store owner to get the right glasses for kids.


Kids opinions: The kids optical glasses is for kids to wear, so the parents had better to select it online with the kids together, and let them to pick the color and shape they like. Of course, the parents can give the ideas when selecting it. Once the kids get the suitable glasses they like, they will wear it carefully in daily life and avoid the glasses to be broken or scratched. 

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