How to Select Prescription Sunglasses Online?

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How to Select Prescription Sunglasses Online?

Sunglasses have always been the first choice of fashion people. Whether it is a star or an ordinary person, wearing a pair of suitable sunglasses can immediately improve the temperament. Whether it is ordinary sunglasses or prescription glasses, there are many types for you to choose. For example, there are mirror fashion prescription sunglasses, trendy prescription sunglasses, classy prescription sunglasses and so on.



The role of sunglasses


Ultraviolet rays can damage the cornea and retina, and high-quality sunglasses can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. When the eye receives too much light, it naturally shrinks the iris. Once the iris contracts to its limit, people need to squint. If the light is still too much, such as the sunlight reflected by the snow, it will damage the retina. And high-quality sunglasses can filter up to 97% of the light entering the eye to avoid injury.


Some surfaces can reflect a lot of light, such as water. And the bright spots produced in this way will disturb the line of sight. High-quality sunglasses can use polarized light technology to completely eliminate such glare.


If sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it will expose you to UV radiation. Cheap sunglasses filter out part of the light, which causes your iris to open to receive more light. This also allows more ultraviolet light to enter, which increases the damage caused by ultraviolet light to the retina.


Therefore, there is a difference between various sunglasses. According to the specific use environment, choosing the right and high-quality sunglasses will provide you with maximum protection.


According to international standards, sunglasses are classified as personal eye protection products. The main function of sunglasses is to block dazzling sunlight. The international standard subdivides sunglasses into "fashion sunglasses" and "general sunglasses".


The quality requirements for "fashion sunglasses" in the standard are relatively low. Because the most important thing about "fashion sunglasses" is style, the wearer focuses on decoration rather than protection. The standard has stricter requirements for the quality of "general sunglasses", including the requirements for UV protection, diopter and prism.


The requirements for prescription sunglasses are even higher. Because prescription sunglasses are specially formulated sunglasses based on the optometry results of the wearer. The lenses of prescription sunglasses are not flat, but can correct myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.



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How to choose the right prescription sunglasses?


Sunglasses use the latest technology and can provide a variety of shades, so you can easily choose the prescription sunglasses that suit your taste. There are some prescription sport sunglasses designed to improve your athletic skills, and there are also some fashionable prescription sunglasses with fashionable styles to meet your needs.



Choice of color and intensity of prescription sunglasses


Grey prescription sunglasses are suitable for normal rest on sunny days. It is also suitable for wearing indoors or when it is not too bright (on cloudy days). It can reduce the light transmittance from 100% to 81%.


Light brown or light gray prescription sunglasses are very suitable for low brightness, and may be an excellent choice for partly cloudy days. It can reduce the light transmittance from 80% to 44%.


Dark brown or black prescription sunglasses are suitable for wearing in bright light. It can reduce the light transmittance from 43% to 19%.


All in all, the best way to choose the right prescription sunglasses is to combine fashion and performance according to your lifestyle.

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