How to Understand the Vision Test Results?

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How to Understand the Vision Test Results?

Usually when we suspect that our child is short-sighted, and take the child to an ophthalmologist, most doctors will let your child go to optometry to check the degree of myopia. Or the elderly need to go to optometry to check the degree of presbyopia. However, the results of the optometry written on the report or medical record may be only a few letters, mathematical symbols or numbers, such as "reading glasses 3.00", "+1.5 reading glasses", "2.0 reading glasses" and so on. Many people may not understand what it means.



What do these letters, mathematical symbols and numbers mean?


1. OS and OD


Some opticians may write "left eye" or "right eye" when writing prescriptions, but some opticians may use the terms "OS" and "OD". “OD”represents the right eye,“OS”represents the left eye. Of course, there are also many opticians who use R for the right eye and L for the left eye.



2. DS and DC


“DS” means spherical mirror, which means the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness. “DC” is a cylindrical lens, which refers to the degree of astigmatism. "Corrected vision" refers to the symbol on the visual acuity chart that children can see clearly after giving them such a degree of lens.



3. SPH


The beginning of the prescription may be "SPH" or "sphere". Both eyes should have "SPH". SPH is a correction for hyperopia or myopia. The number will be written in 0.25 steps and start with a plus or minus sign. The sign”+” is farsightedness, and the sign “-” is shortsightedness. This number is sometimes 0.00, indicating that the eyes do not have hyperopia or myopia.


When ordering glasses online, it is important to carefully check the sign. Because confusing the plus and minus signs will cause you to buy inappropriate glasses and make your eyesight worse. If you buy inappropriate glasses, you need to replace them immediately. It is best to double check whether your prescription is positive or negative. The degree of myopia or hyperopia in each eye may be different, even one eye is long-sighted and the other eye is short-sighted.



4. CYL and AXIS


If there are "CYL", "Cylinder" and "AXIS" on the report, it means that this person has astigmatism. The shape of such a person's eyes is a bit like a rugby ball, and not quite like a perfect spherical football. CYL indicates how severe the astigmatism is, and then increases in increments of 0.25. And its symbol can also be plus (+) or minus (-), so make sure you check that it is correct again. The axis represents the angle of angular astigmatism, which ranges from 0 to 180.



5. ADD


ADD refers to the technology that uses the principle of light interference to reduce excess reflected light on the surface of the lens to increase the transparency of light.



Precautions for going to optometry


Children need mydriatic optometry when they go to optometry for the first time. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital for medical optometry to ensure the accuracy of optometry.


The results of computer optometry are rough results. Computer optometry sheets cannot be used as prescription prescriptions for opticians. Professional optometrists will conduct further optometry on the basis of computer optometry.



The importance of visual inspection


From the birth of the baby until the age of six, it is a golden period of vision development. Vision development has basically been established by the age of six or seven, so vision care in early childhood is very important and must not be ignored.


The eye is the most important organ in the human body, and about 80% of the knowledge and memory in the brain are obtained through the eye. Not only children, but the elderly also need to pay attention to visual inspection. If your report says "reading glasses +1.25", "reading glasses 0.25" or "0.50 reading glasses". Do you know what it means now?

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