How to choose sunglasses

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In addition to protecting your eyes from UV rays, sunglasses are the main fashion accessory you should own. Available in a variety of designs and colors, choosing the right pair can often be a challenge. Here's a quick guide to help you.


01 Show a bit of eyebrows

When trying on sunglasses, be sure to look in the mirror and check the distance between the frame and your eyebrows. The best balance is where a little brow can be seen. Also, always choose a pair where the top of the frame lines up with the line of your brows.

02 Create different looks with different frame sizes

The size of your sunglasses can affect your overall look. Sunglasses with a smaller frame give a more luxurious feel, while those with a larger frame give the impression of a small face

03 Choose a frame shape that is different from your face shape

Wearing sunglasses that are different from your face shape can help create better visual balance. See the next section on how to choose the right frame for your face shape.

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