How to prevent your kids’ eyes from UV damage?

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How to prevent your kids’ eyes from UV damage?

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the destructive effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin. In contrast, the number of people who know that their eyes will also be damaged by ultraviolet rays is very small. So I'd like to introduce to you the damage of UV to eyes and how to cultivate children's habit of wearing UV polarized sunglasses.



The harm of UV to eyes


Ultraviolet light exists all year round because it is present in all kinds of light intensity. Most people think it's only necessary to protect the ultraviolet rays in summer or sunny days. In fact, although the weather is cold in winter, the ultraviolet intensity is only 20% weaker than that in summer. And the reflection of snow in winter will double the radiation, especially in high altitude areas. In the early spring, it should also be noted that the temperature is relatively low, but the solar ultraviolet radiation is unexpectedly strong. Prevention of UV damage to the eyes has become an important lesson we must do all the year round.


Ultraviolet mainly damages the cornea, lens and retina of the eyes. The article "ultraviolet radiation and human health" published by the World Health Organization last December published the harm of ultraviolet to eyes. The article points out that about 18 million people around the world are blind due to cataracts, 5% of which may be caused by ultraviolet radiation. In addition, UV can cause other serious eye diseases - keratitis, retinal damage, cataracts, macular degeneration, snow blindness, etc.



The importance of sunglasses


If you want to make sure that your eyes are protected from ultraviolet radiation, it is particularly important to wear 400 UV sunglasses where the sun is dazzling. Sunglasses frames are preferably of the surround type, as they will provide the most comprehensive protection: the surround polarized UV400 sunglasses are specially designed to minimize the possibility of unfiltered harmful light entering the eyes. In addition, the lens must have UV4000 protection and a coating to block reflected and polarized light.


The eyes must be treated and protected as well as the skin in the sun. Eyes that have been protected since childhood are more likely to remain robust for life.



How to help children form a good habit of wearing sunglasses


Here are some tips to help you develop your child's habit of wearing UV 400 sunglasses:


Establish a good habit of wearing sunglasses. If you are exposed to the outside for a long time, you can even consider wearing UV400 protect polarized sunglasses in cloudy days not only sunny days, because ultraviolet still can cause damage to children's eyes.


Choose sunglasses that block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. In addition, make sure that the UVA-UVB protection sunglasses meet the requirements of the American National Standards Association, or prevent ultraviolet absorption to 400 nm.


Choose polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses may be safer than other lenses. Even if your child's movement causes the lens to break, it can reduce the damage to the eyes to a greater extent.


Choose by themselves. When you find UV protection sunglasses that meet these specifications, let your child choose their own style. They are more likely to wear them only if they like them.


Take care of sunglasses instead of children. You don't have to let your child take care of the UV polarized sunglasses on their own. Instead, keep them with your belongings so that you can easily find them when you need them. In this way, the probability of loss, damage or forgetting of UV 400 polarized sunglasses can be reduced.

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