Is Computer Glasses Effective for Digital Eye Syndrome?

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Is Computer Glasses Effective for Digital Eye Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS for short, is a medical symptom caused by staring at the screen of digital devices such as computers, smart phones, handheld video game consoles, and e-books for a long time. Doctors estimate that nearly 80 million people in the United States may have this symptom, which does not include more and more children with eye problems related to electronic devices.



Cause of Computer Vision Syndrome


In contemporary society, most of us use computers frequently, so using computers for two to three hours has become an indispensable part of our lives. We spend most of our time on the Internet, playing games or working in the office. Studies have shown that when focusing on computer work, people don't blink as often as usual, which leads to dry eyes. Computer screens generally switch pictures at a frequency of 75 times per second, so that the human eye also repeats focusing at a frequency of 75 times per second, and the eyes are more prone to fatigue. There is a muscle in the eye that allows the eye to focus on what you are looking at. Computer screens are usually farther away from our eyes than books. If you keep staring at the computer screen for several hours, this muscle will be tired.


About 1/3 of the visible light radiated by the computer screen is blue light. At present, clinical medicine has confirmed that blue light is one of the important factors leading to macular degeneration in middle and old age. Whether dry eye is associated with blue light stimulation has not been medically confirmed.


Computer vision syndrome does not damage the eyes, nor does it cause eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. But it will dry the surface of the eyeball. It is caused by excessive staring. This condition can lead to fatigue, headache, neck pain, visual ghosting, and intermittent blurred vision. Adults' work efficiency is reduced, leading to school children's learning disabilities and reduced performance.



Useful tips to avoid Computer vision syndrome


Eat more foods that can help people maintain good eyesight, such as: broccoli, fish, eggs, garlic, onions, carrots.


Pay attention to eye habits. When using a smart phone or tablet, keep a certain distance. At the same time, place the phone or tablet below the eye level. In addition, we can also adjust the screen brightness, resolution and contrast, so that our optical glasses can maintain a comfortable level when watching the screen. We can also choose the font size to make the eyes comfortable, so that the eyes will not feel stressed.


When using a computer, we can install some eye protection software to reduce the radiation of the computer screen to the eyes. The computer screen must be kept at a certain distance from the eyes, usually a distance of 50-100 cm.


Doctors also recommend that people who use computers use eye drops that lubricate the eyes, take a break every 15 minutes, and look into the distance. Make sure that the computer screen height is appropriate. It is best to be 10 cm below your line of sight, do not look up at the computer screen.


Choose a comfortable computer chair that will help keep your body straight and upright.


In addition, wearing the right glasses can also effectively alleviate this symptom, such as choosing a blue light blocking computer glasses or anti reflective glasses. If you want to look more special, a pair of fashion anti blue light glasses is also a good choice. Anti-blue light glasses can alleviate dry eyes, eye astringency, eye fatigue and other phenomena caused by long-term use of 3C digital products, and even different degrees of eye diseases such as decreased vision, blurred vision, and eye cancer.


 Is Computer Glasses Effective for Digital Eye Syndrome

Information of anti-blue light glasses


Anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue eyes to the eyes. Through the portable optical spectrum analyzer, the blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen is effectively suppressed after the use of anti-blue light glasses, which reduces the harmful blue light to the eyes.


The blue light blocking glasses mainly reflect the harmful blue light through the lens surface coating, or add the anti-blue light factor through the lens substrate to absorb the harmful blue light, so as to realize the blocking of the harmful blue light and protect the eyes.


Whether you are short-sighted or not, choosing a pair of anti-blue glasses is a pampering of your glasses. Wenzhou Emma Optics has a professional manufacturer and exporter for fashion reading glasses, optical frame, sunglasses products. If you want to know about glasses, click on the link below for more information.

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