Is Titanium Glasses Better?

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Is Titanium Glasses Better?

Titanium is a pure metal, widely used in space technology, jewelry, surgical tools and other fields. It is also one of the most advanced materials in the eyewear industry. This metal is characterized by high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance and firm plating layer. In addition, what are the advantages of titanium sunglasses?



Characteristics of Titanium Materials


1. Titanium is one of the indispensable materials for modern aerospace science, marine science, nuclear power generation and other cutting-edge science. Titanium is 48% lighter than general metal frame, acid and alkaline resistant, corrosion-resistant, high stability, high strength, good elasticity and other advantages, which conforms to human engineering. And titanium is non-toxic and non-radiative to the human body. In addition, it also has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability, high strength, good elasticity and so on.


2. Pure titanium has special current characteristics, which can lead to the generation of ions due to the fluctuation of electrons and make the current tend to be ionized. The positive and negative ions can quickly adjust the adverse effects caused by the electromagnetic wave caused by the body's biological current confusion, which has beneficial physiological effects on the human body. In addition, titanium alloy also has the effect of relaxing muscles and spirit.



Advantages of Titanium Sunglasses


1. The main advantage of titanium frame sunglasses is the very light texture. In addition to the carbon fiber material with the reputation of "black gold", the glasses frame made of pure titanium is the lightest.


2. The titanium polarized sunglasses is light and comfortable, more ergonomic, and has good flexibility. It will not deform, fade or cause skin allergy for long-term use, and is more durable.


 Mens titanium sunglasses

How to identify titanium sunglasses?


1. Weight


The advantage of pure titanium spectacle frame is light, so polarized titanium sunglasses are very light. Generally, you can know whether it is true or not by the weight. It is a relatively simple way to distinguish whether it is polarized titanium sunglasses.



2. Look at the Hinge


Because pure titanium frames are not suitable for direct contact between titanium and titanium at the hinge part, otherwise it is prone to wrinkles at the joints and poor opening and closing of the temples. So two thin gaskets are inlaid at the hinge part of the pure titanium glasses to separate the upper and lower hinges. It is a good method to check whether there is a gasket at the hinge and to identify whether it is a pure titanium mirror frame.



3. Observe the Welding Points


The welding of pure titanium material is oxygen-free butt welding, and the welding mark is "step" shape. The welding of alloy material is spot welding, and the welding mark is "slope" shape. It is also one of the effective methods to distinguish titanium frame and non titanium frame, all titanium and non titanium frame.



4. Magnetic


Pure titanium glasses are non-magnetic, so you can loosen the hinge of the frame as much as possible, and use a magnet to attract in free movement. For example, if the temple swings under the attraction of the magnet, indicating that the frame is not pure titanium.



5. Price


The pure titanium material  is the aviation material of space metal, so the price is relatively expensive.



6. Identification


In general, "100% Titanium" or "Pure Titanium" will be marked on the temples or lenses of the frame. If there are no two marks, it is not the pure titanium frame.


Nowadays, titanium sunglasses are becoming more and more popular, which has become a fashion. Especially the middle and high-end business elites will choose the titanium mens sunglasses. With the development and processing technology of titanium materials becoming more and more mature, there are many kinds of titanium sunglasses, such as pure titanium, β titanium, memory titanium and so on. Mens titanium sunglasses are more and more popular among white-collar elites.

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