Is it Harmful for Eyes to Wear Reading Glasses All the Time?

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 Is it Harmful for Eyes to Wear Reading Glasses All the Time?

Most people over the age of 40 will find that their eyesight drops rapidly and the frequency of using reading glasses is increasing. The main reason is the ametropia caused by aging eyes.


At first, you may worry that aging eyes will disturb your original life. But in fact, it is just a common phenomenon. If you're in presbyopia, you can wear safety reading glasses to read your favorite books or perform similar tasks as before.


Because safety reading glasses can help enlarge your field of vision, you may wear them most of the day. Can't help thinking, is wearing reading glasses (such as adjustable lens reading glasses , multi focus reading glasses, 360 degree rotation reading glasses) harmful to your eyes for a long time?



Is wearing presbyopic glasses harmful to eyes for a long time?


As you get older and older, it can be challenging to do some of the close vision tasks you used to do. Presbyopia can make your eyes look very fuzzy. Therefore, wearing multi focus reading glasses can help relieve this symptom and magnify any tiny objects you need to see.


The best way to wear multi focus reading glasses is to follow the optometrist's advice, because they have your exclusive prescriptions after optometry. If your multi focus reading glasses are not worn correctly, it will accelerate to affect your vision. So if you are in presbyopia now, pick up the phone and contact an ophthalmologist!



What should we pay attention to when using computer with reading glasses?


Long term use of computers or other digital devices may cause computer vision syndrome (or digital eye fatigue). Although you may be wearing fashion computer reading glasses so that you can see the screen clearly, these glasses are not suitable for computer use.


If you often use computers or other digital devices, we suggest you can use adjustable lens reading glasses or anti blue reading glasses. While anti blue reading glasses will not improve your eye power, they can reduce eye fatigue caused by long-term exposure to blue light.



Is it recommended to wear reading glasses for a long time?


Wearing reading glasses for a long time is unlikely to affect your eyes, because they are designed to protect your vision.


If you are considering buying reading glasses, we encourage you to think twice. After a long period of staring at the screen, your eyes may have digital eye fatigue symptoms. At this time, anti blue ray reading glasses are more suitable to alleviate these symptoms than reading glasses. In addition, if you need to treat presbyopia, adjustable lens reading glasses may be also a good choice.


If you want to buy your first pair of fashion computer reading glasses, please consult one of our optical experts for help immediately.


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