Make Up Tips For You with Glasses

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Make Up Tips For You with Glasses

In life, people have to bring various types of glasses due to vision problems, men optical glasses, women optical glasses, kids optical glasses and glasses with different structures. Many people think that wearing glasses will affect the makeup effect, do you think? If you make a good look and find the right type of glasses, the glasses can play a role in shaping the style. Today, let ’s take a look, If you have to wear glasses, how to make it more vivid!



The limitations of wearing glasses on makeup

Reflective lenses to weaken the eye makeup effect

The reflection of the glasses will "eat" the luster of the eyes, and it is easy to look dull. The reflection also makes the eye makeup lighter, and the eyeshadow is not easy to see behind the lens. The 100-degree lens is very thin, but after wearing it, the eye makeup is obviously lightened.

The continuity of the split frame makeup

The transparent frame or
 gold-rimmed glasses may be okay, but the cutting effect of the black frame and the tortoiseshell frame is obvious. One is the nose shadow part. If the painting is deep, the mountain root will be blocked by the nose pads and the nose bridge part will become shorter . The other is cheek blush or trimming. The frame will make the color of the apple muscles complicated, and it will be dirty when painted a little thicker.

Nose pads are prone to indentation and makeup removal

The place where the nose pad touches the bridge of the nose is prone to rubbing or sweating. After the base makeup comes off, the makeup surface may not look complete. And because the base makeup is too thick, the original skin tone after rubbing off makeup becomes unharmonious.


 Make Up Tips For You with Glasses

How to make up if you wear glasses

Note 1: Drawing eyebrows according to the frame

If you wear
thick-framed glasses, the eyebrows should be sharper. Eyebrows with weak lines can't hold the thick frame, they are still quite abrupt. If you wear fine-framed glasses, you can paint wild eyebrows, but you must have hair flu.

Note 2: wearing glasses requires eye makeup

Because the eyes are concave lenses and can reduce the original eyes, the whole person does not look beautiful.
 Therefore, the most basic eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelashes, etc., can make up the makeup of the eyes can not forget. If you are worried that the eyelashes will rub against the lens, you can choose some glasses with a slightly higher nose pad.

In addition to making the eyes smaller, the lenses also reflect light. Therefore, the choice of eye shadow should not use sequin eye shadow, and the color should not be too bright. Ordinary deep earthy brown eye shadow is very suitable.



Note 3: Face Foundation should be reduced

A good-looking makeup face is definitely clean. After wearing glasses, the glasses occupy most of the entire face area. At this time, facial makeup such as highlights and trimming can be reduced or not. For blush, try to choose some low-key matte smoked rose powder, apricot color, etc.

Note 4: Base makeup where the nose pads touch the nose bridge

99% of girls wearing
women's glasses and makeup will encounter this problem, that is, the foundation will be rubbed off, the situation in summer is even worse, the glasses will fall, and finally two deep marks are left here.

My suggestion is that if you have dry skin, you can choose baking and make-up at this place, take a lot of loose powder with the tip of the sponge egg tip, pour in these two places, wait for a minute, then use a puff or small brush to gently
take excess loose powder. 


Metal optical frame and plastic optical frames are more popular recently, we can use some designer fashion sunglasses and new fashion sunglasses to increase our fashion sense, thus weakening the effect of wearing glasses on our makeup.

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