Must-Have Accessories Needed for People Who Wearing Glasses

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Must-Have Accessories Needed for People Who Wearing Glasses

There are more and more people with myopia, and in order to see things clearly, they will choose to wear lightweight reading glasses. In the process of wearing glasses, they may encounter some things that affect the experience of wearing glasses. Here are some accessories that can help people use the glasses more conveniently and comfortably.



Suede Glasses Cloth


Due to the poor air quality, the film layer of the lens is easy to adhere to the dust in the air, which makes it impossible to see clearly. General glasses cloth will scratch the film directly. Suede glasses cloth can not only clean both sides of the lens at the same time, but also it is soft, wear-resistant and has low damage to glasses.



Lens Cleaning Paper


If there is one thing that people who wear glasses must do every day, it must be scrubbing the glasses. However, when people go out, they do not have enough conditions to clean their glasses. Therefore, lens cleaning paper is indispensable. It has the characteristics of fast cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, no damage to the lens, removal of static electricity, and easy to use. After wiping with lens cleaning paper, there will be no scratches on the lens, the lens will be very clean, and there will be not remain fiber and dust that wiped with paper towel. The small packaging makes it portable.



Anti-skid Earhook


I think everyone who wears glasses may have experienced that glasses will frequently keep sliding down, at that time you have to hold glasses. Anti-skid ear hook is very practical and easy to install. As long as the anti-skid ear hook is put on the leg of the glasses, the glasses will not slip. It is recommended that you buy the silicone material, because the silicone anti-skid ear hook is very soft and light, and will not cause ear pain. For the students who wear glasses and love sports at the same time, the non slip ear hook is an essential accessory.



Lens Anti-fog Spray


In winter, mist often appears on the glasses, especially when eating hot pot and going in and out of the air-conditioned room. The mist can cause great annoyance to people. Lens anti-fog spray is a kind of biological agent. When applied on the surface of glasses, a hydrophilic film layer will be formed, which can easily solve the problem of fogging on the surface of glasses in cold environment and warm environment.



3D Glasses Patch


For people with myopia, wearing 3D glasses is a painful thing. Wearing 3D glasses will presses the bridge of the nose. Almost all nearsighted people have deep depressions on both sides of the bridge of their nose. The problem can be easily solved by 3D glasses patch.


Must-Have Accessories Needed for People Who Wearing Glasses


Four in One Screwdriver


A four-in-one screwdriver can adjust the tightness of your glasses frames when needed. It is suitable for adjusting various glasses, from custom fashion sunglasses to anti blue light reading glasses.



Eye Glasses Case


After having a pair of delicate glasses, we can't ignore the importance of the eye glasses case. Glasses need to be put in the eye glasses case, otherwise it will be scratched or even crushed. There are many choices of eye glasses case, such as hard sunglasses case, custom glasses case, kids glasses case. The eye glasses case with metal or leather shell can not only protect the glasses, but also show your own taste and fashion. It is suggested to choose the eye glasses case with high hardness and light weight, which can not only protect the glasses, but also be more convenient to carry out.



The above is the auxiliary tool introduced for you. If you want to wear the custom logo reading glasses comfortably, the key is to choose a pair of high-quality glasses.

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