Nine Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Eyewear Lens(2)

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Nine Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Eyewear Lens(2)

Purchasing lens reading glasses is a systematic and integrated service, each of which is very important. However, due to the inability to judge the quality of lenses, consumers are prone to make mistakes. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when choosing glasses.



How to judge the authenticity of brand lenses?


It is impossible to judge whether the lenses are true or false without professional instruments. Moreover, the anti-counterfeiting mark, package and verification code of the lens can be forged. The fundamental problem is not how to identify the authenticity of lenses, but to learn to think systematically. It is only possible to find a trustworthy business with first-class service reputation, so as to fundamentally guarantee the quality of adjustable lens reading glasses.



Are the branded lenses too expensive and not as economical as domestic ones?


Optical lenses have a history of more than 170 years, and the development and accumulation of technology are still gathered in several well-known professional optical lens manufacturers. The technical requirements required for lens production are very high. In comparison, the technical strength and R & D strength of large-brand lens companies are much stronger. In terms of the same quality, the actual price of brand lenses is not much different from that of other brands, so the cost performance of large brand lenses is actually higher. Of course, it is necessary to choose a domestic brand or a large brand of photochromic lenses sunglasses according to the wearing requirements.



Is it reliable to buy lenses online and process them yourself?


If you provide the lens to the optical shop for processing and the testing instruments of the optical shop may be not capable of detecting whether the multiple parameters of the lens are qualified, they will not bear the risk of damage in the processing of the lens, and they will not provide after-sales guarantee for the quality parts beyond the processing. The risk is too high, not recommended.


If the technology of the lens supplier is reliable, why should you find an optical shop for processing? It is best to entrust more quality assurance directly to the lens supplier, so that not only the after-sales service is guaranteed, but it is also easy to find the responsible party. On the contrary, if you choose to do your own machining simply because of the price factor, once a problem occurs, how should you judge whether it is a polarized lens sunglasses problem or a processing problem.



Several issues need to be reminded


1. Before choosing lenses, the accuracy of optometry is the basis. Without an accurate prescription for optometry, the best quality lenses are useless.


2. Optical lenses are only semi-finished products. If the optician is not reliable, even the best lenses will not help. Therefore, before choosing lenses, confirm whether the technical strength of the optician is competent.


3. If the business does not tell you the quality of the lens and just talk about the parameters of the lens, such as the refractive index, aspherical, etc., you should change the brand and compare the price with the parameters. They may mislead quality with price, for example, tell you that the higher the refractive index the higher the price, so the better the quality, which is not the case.


4. Don't be blinded by "ordinary" lenses, that is marketing words. The quality of the lens lies in all optical indicators, not in a specific function.


The average lifespan of a pair of glasses is 2 to 3 years. Therefore, in the actual using process, it is necessary to systematically consider the visual quality, aesthetics, wearing comfort and other issues of optical frame and lenses, so as to achieve the best effect as long as possible.

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