Some Ways May Damage Your Eyeglasses Without Knowing

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Some Ways May Damage Your Eyeglasses Without Knowing

Broken glasses do not necessarily mean poor quality. It is possible that bad habits in the use of optical eye glasses affect its service life. Let's learn more about it.



1. Take off and Wear Glasses with One Hand, and the Legs Are Vulnerable


Glasses are different from other objects. They are vulnerable. Although it is convenient to take off and wear glasses with one hand, it is easy to cause the screws on the other side of the glasses leg to loosen and fall off and fall apart over time. If the action of removing glasses is rude, it is more likely to directly lead to screw fracture or glasses leg deformation. So when taking off the optical eye glasses, hold the tail of the glasses legs with both hands, and take off or wear them in the direction parallel to both sides of the cheek. According to the survey, more than 90% of consumers who respond to the deformation of glasses are accustomed to to take off and wear glasses with one hand. As time goes on, glasses will naturally deform.



2. Do not Put it in the Glasses Box


Many people who wear glasses do not know how to place them, but they do not know that improper placement will lead to deformation of the glasses frame or abrasion of the glasses surface, thus shortening the service life of the glasses. When placing glasses, fold the folding reading glasses as far as possible, and then wrap the glasses with glasses cloth and place them in the glasses box. If placed temporarily, the folded glasses (such as foldable reading glasses) can be placed flat with the lens face up. Do not put the glasses at high temperature, which will crack the film layer on the lens surface, and then make the glasses scrapped in advance.



3. Wear glasses on the Head


It is better not to do like this. In fact, it is unscientific to wear optical frame glasses like this. The frame is easy to be stretched and deformed. Glasses are on the eyes. If the glasses are too tight or too loose, go to the glasses store to adjust them.



4. Wipe the Lens with Clothes


If the lens is dirty, please do not wipe it with a corner of a clothes or hard paper towel, and do not wipe the lens with hands, because it will leave fingerprints, and may leave sweat or oil stains from hands, which will wear out the lens or make the lens lose optical effect in a long time. It needs to be washed with water or cleaned with lens cleaner first, and then gently wiped with soft paper towel. It is better to be wiped with special glasses cloth.



5. Share Glasses with Others


Everyone has different degrees of glasses. Wearing glasses that are not of one’s own glasses degree can do a lot of damage to one’s eyes. When matching glasses, pupil distance, height of bridge of nose, head width and so on should be measured. Everyone's condition is different. Other people's glasses do not fit their own eyes. For example, the size of the head is not the same. When a person with a large head wears glasses, the width of the glasses will be enlarged, which is not suitable for a person with a small head.


In addition, in terms of health, it is better for everyone to wear their own glasses. Because if one of them has eye disease, such as trachoma, conjunctivitis and so on, it is easy to be infected, so it is recommended that it is the best not to wear other people's glasses.



6. Sleep with Glasses


In the evening, wearing the optical frame glasses to sleep will cause local tissue pressure and the glasses are easily crushed. If the lens is broken, it is easy to cause harm to human body. It is also possible that the lens is not damaged, but the frame is squeezed, and finally the optical frames eye glasses cannot be worn.


In addition, some people will put their glasses into the bathroom, wash them together by the way, and sometimes wear glasses when they are in the hot spring. It is better not to do so.


Optical frame glasses also have service life. Some glasses are not used for a long time, then there will be a variety of problems. Either the lens is scratched, or the frame is deformed. Some wearers may think that unscrupulous businesses are deceiving themselves, but in fact, they also need to self-examine their daily use habits of glasses to see whether they are caused by improper use or maintenance.

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