Something You Must Know About Reading Glasses

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Something You Must Know About Reading Glasses

It is important to buy reading glasses for the first time


Presbyopic glasses, also known as reading glasses, are a type of optical products used for people with presbyopia. They are convex lenses. Reading glasses are mainly to meet the needs of people with presbyopia.


Presbyopia is closely related to age


Unlike prescription lenses used to correct various eye-related conditions, reading glasses are beneficial to patients with a very specific type of vision-related conditions: presbyopia. Presbyopia is the most common eye trauma associated with age. Presbyopia has already appeared, and it is impossible to adjust the ciliary muscle exhaustion without supporting the reading glasses. It will definitely increase the difficulty of reading, produce dizziness and other symptoms, which affects life and work. This is very unwise. Therefore, presbyopia glasses should be matched as soon as they are fitted, without delay. After age, the presbyopic glasses that were originally equipped are not enough, and they must be replaced in time. Therefore, reading glasses cannot be worn in the end. Wearing inappropriate reading glasses for a long time will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to your life, but also accelerate the process of presbyopia.



When should we wear reading glasses?


In general, if you only refer to the age, after 40 years old, the lenses in our eyes are not so soft, which makes it difficult for us to clearly observe nearby objects. Therefore, at this time we can wear reading glasses. 


In addition, there are the following situations where you can wear reading glasses in time. Text is blurred. Reading small words in books, electronic devices, or magazines at low brightness can be very hard for your eyes. It is easy to feel eyestrain when reading. Prolonged reading at close range can cause eyestrain and headache. This condition may also be a sign of refractive error, such as hyperopia. You must turn on the light or you may no longer be able to read in low light. We will often see folding reading glasses in life. This kind of glasses is more convenient to carry. If you like this style, it is best to choose unbreakable reading glasses frames.



What are the benefits of wearing reading glasses?


The above explanation helps you understand when to wear reading glasses. The next question to consider is whether glasses should always be worn. It is understood that one of the main purposes of reading glasses is to enlarge the text on the page you are reading. Therefore, you only need to wear reading glasses when reading or performing similar activities.


Wearing reading glasses has some benefits, it can reduce eye fatigue, decrease headaches when reading, and relieve dry eyes caused by long reading. That is to say, presbyopic glasses eliminate shortcomings of presbyopia by using special lenses to magnify close-up text, reduce eye fatigue, and make users have a more enjoyable reading experience.


Presbyopic lenses should be dedicated, so do not just buy a pair of reading glasses. Because it is very likely to be inconsistent with your vision, it will not only relieve the symptoms of presbyopia, but also pay attention to fatigue, and even eye diseases.



Notes on wearing reading glasses


Before and after wearing reading glasses, it will cause lens adjustment fatigue and visual fatigue, which will lead to a rapid decline in vision. If you are unwilling to wear traditional reading glasses, you don't want to look only close but not far, or you want to avoid the trouble of wearing glasses when taking a close look and taking off the glasses when looking far. You'd better wear progressive multifocal reading glasses. A pair of glasses can be far-sighted, close-sighted, and can be worn all day to avoid visual fatigue and ease the rapid decline in vision.


When wearing reading magnifying glass, if there is visual fatigue, dizziness, vision loss, etc., a timely visual inspection should be performed. At the same time, check the prescription reading glasses for scratches and other phenomena. If you wear yellow and scratched reading glasses for a long time, it will adversely affect your vision. When reading glasses do not meet vision requirements, be sure to replace the lenses in time. If you wear progressive multifocal lenses, you should regularly go to the store for eyewear maintenance to extend the life of the glasses and ensure the quality of the glasses.


When the old lens is not clean, do not wipe the lens with clothes or paper towels. Because dry-cleaned lenses may cause scratches on the lens or may not be clean, affecting the visual effect; it may also bring bacteria to the lens. The distance between the glasses and the lens is very easy to be infected by bacteria and cause inflammation. It is best to wipe the collision film with a special lens care agent, which can also reduce reflection and reduce fatigue.


I personally suggest that you should choose a formal, good reputation professional optician shop or eye hospital to prepare old-sighted glasses. In short, you should wear high quality reading glasses, and blue light filter reading glasses which is responsible for your eyes.

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