The Benefits of Various Lens Colors in Sunglasses

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The Benefits of Various Lens Colors in Sunglasses

In the past 20 years, the technology of making lenses has developed rapidly and tremendously. Today, we have many different lens colors for you to choose from, which makes it easier to find the right lens for our needs. Now there are not only monochromatic color lens but also gradient sunglasses and colorful lens sunglasses to meet the needs of different beauty lovers. Here we introduce several lens colors and their advantages.



Grey lens


We think that the most popular sunglasses lens color is gray because they are black enough to make those nasty bright sunny days more vivid. Scientists describe these lenses as "color-neutral", which means that they can significantly reduce the brightness, but will not distort the colors you see. This is especially beneficial for drivers, because you can still recognize traffic signals and warning signs on the road and provide the same or even more safety levels. When wearing grey lens sunglasses, you can also participate in sports activities, for example, you can do the following activities: baseball, running, cycling, fishing, water sports and motorcycles.



Amber lens


Another preferred choice for sunglasses wearers is amber lenses. This popularity is attributed to its color enhancement function. If you live in a sunny place in the world and sometimes experience cloudy weather, then these will be your best choice. If you want to increase the contrast and improve the clarity, you should try these operations, but be aware that in some cases, color imbalance may occur. Nevertheless, they are still very suitable for daily activities, such as golfing, driving (not at night), using computers, shooting, skiing, tennis and mountain biking.



Brown lens


Like gray lenses, brown and green lenses are neutral. Therefore, if you are worried about annoying glare, don't worry because these lenses are specifically made to reduce glare. They are called the ultimate driving companions, which is mainly due to the contrast and increased visual depth. Even if this color is known to change the color balance, it will not affect your ability to read signs or warnings on the go. If you spend a lot of time on your computer and are fatigued by glare, these brown lenses will help you. For those who spend a lot of time on the road and enjoy outdoor sports and using computers, brown lens sunglasses are perfect for you.



Blue and purple lenses


Blue and purple lenses are mainly used for fashion purposes, but it is well known that many athletes and sports shooters like them because they have good contrast in moderate to bright conditions. Among other things, they are also attractive in appearance, they can reduce glare and help you see the outline more clearly, making it suitable for sports such as golf. With good color perception, they are also very suitable for cloudy weather conditions. If you are an outdoor person who likes sports, then you should choose blue lens sunglasses or purple lens sunglasses. They are ideal for fishing, outdoor leisure activities, skiing and snowboarding, and any other snow activities



Rose red and red lenses


Rose red and red lenses are known for their ability to increase depth of field and field of view. They reduce eye strain and provide a good view during the journey. Therefore, they make the eyes comfortable and help to adjust the contrast. They are good under most weather conditions, including but not limited to: cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy, and snowy. If you like speed-related sports activities, such as cycling, driving / racing and skiing, then you can choose rose-red lens sunglasses or red lens sunglasses.

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