Tips for Good Glasses Selection

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Tips for Good Glasses Selection

Before matching a pair of suitable high quality optical glasses, first go to the eye clinic or hospital for a detailed optometry, and carry out a complete optometry process. First, measure the focal length, eye muscles, strabismus and other items (children need to do mydriasis) with the instrument, as well as the color blindness test and the Amsler square table test which can detect the macular lesions. After a complete optometry test, the next step is to select high quality optical glasses that meet personal conditions.


Next, let's understand some precautions for matching glasses (such as high quality sunglasses and high tech sunglasses), which can help to choose the lens that is most suitable for one’s own situation.



Find out the Types of Lenses


(1) Single Focus Lens


With the same surface degree and only one focus, it can be applied to correct single vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.



(2) Progressive Multifocal Lens


For example, people both with presbyopia and myopia are very suitable for wearing multifocal lens of high quality reading glasses, which can meet the vision needs of the wearer for different distances.



Select the Lens Materials in a Targeted Way


(1) Glass Lens


Glass lens is the most common type of lens in the past, which is scratch resistant and not easy to wear. Its disadvantage is that it is heavy and easy to break, which is not suitable for children or sports.



(2) Resin Lens


The main characteristic of resin lens, also known as safety lens, is its light weight and impact resistance. Therefore, it gradually replaces glass lens as the main lens material. However, its disadvantage is that the surface is easy to scratch, so it is often necessary to add wear-resistant layer to increase its hardness to improve the problem.



(3) PC Lens


PC lenses, also known as space lenses, were originally applied for bulletproof glass, astronaut masks and other special purposes. It has the advantages of UV resistance and high safety, so it is suitable for people who are in danger of being hit in the occupation, such as firefighters, workers who use lathes and grinding wheels, etc. People who are often engaged in basketball, baseball and other fierce sports can also consider high quality optical glasses with PC lenses, because it can help reduce the risk of eye injury during sports.


high quality glasses


Different Lens Functions


The choice of lenses can be based on the premise of vision correction, followed by wear resistance, anti falling, and finally refractive index. There are many kinds of lenses on the market, with various functions, such as anti ultraviolet, anti blue light, anti radiation, anti fatigue, etc. For people who utilize electronic products for a long time, anti blue light lens is a good choice.



Select the Right Frame


The characteristics of each material of high quality optical frames are different. Try to choose high quality optical frames which are light, tough, durable, not easily deformed, not irritating to the skin, and not easily eroded by sweat. For the first time, full frame or half frame eyeglasses frame is the best choice. Because full frame glasses have the best stability, followed by half frame glasses and rimless glasses. If the stability of the frame is poor, which is easy to cause the lens loose, so it needs to be adjusted regularly. The choice of high quality optical frames must match the pupil distance. The best choice is small frame for high myopia.



Try on


Trying on glasses is a crucial step. Everyone's face is different, such as face shape, nose and ears, so they need to be adjusted according to their own characteristics.


Nowadays, many people are more or less faced with smart digital products such as computers and mobile phones every day. Pay attention to the use of eyes or do not overuse eyes. Even with the right high quality optical glasses, eyes should be protected better.

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