Tips for Kids Eyeglasses Selection

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Tips for Kids Eyeglasses Selection

If you take the children to the glasses shop to buy the kids optical glasses, the variety of frames may make you have no idea. So how to choose glasses for the children? In fact, children choose glasses first to see whether they are stable and comfortable to wear, secondly to choose the appropriate size and shape according to the thickness of the lens, and finally to consider the beauty.



Which kind of glasses can ensure stable wearing?


Nose Pad


Nose pad refers to the plastic holder on the glasses that is in contact with the nose. When choosing, pay attention to whether the nose pad can be stably supported on the bridge of the nose, and it will not slip when lowering or shaking the head. For children with relatively low noses or long eyelashes, it is better to choose kids optical frames with the active nose pad, because it can be adjusted as needed.





The size of the len mainly determines the size of the glasses. If the len is larger than the face, the glasses will be too large. The large glasses is hard to wear. If the len is too small, it will cause the outer tension of the glasses legs on both sides, and the wearing is too tight and uncomfortable.



Glasses Leg


For children's glasses design, the glasses legs should fit snugly to the skin on the side of the face, or leave a little space. For the adjustable glasses frame, we can adjust the bending point at the rear of the glasses leg, so as to make the wearing more stable. For the glasses frame that cannot be adjusted, ear hook can be installed at the rear of the glasses leg, but the premise is that the size of the glasses frame is relatively appropriate, otherwise the effect is not ideal.



Which kind of glasses frame will be more comfortable to wear?


There is no doubt that the lighter the glasses frame is, the more comfortable it is to wear. For example, the titanium frame, the resin frame and the TR90 frame are relatively light at present. Because of its light weight and low design, the resin frame will not affect the development of children's bridge bone. The metal and other materials of the glasses frame are heavy, prone to rust and deformation, easily lead to the child's face allergy. What's more, it will also oppress the bridge of the nose and temples, affecting the development of the child's eyes. In addition to the weight of the frame, the appropriate frame should be selected according to the degree of the child. For the safety and firmness of the frames, it is recommended that children wear full frames, such as kids round optical glasses, kids square optical glasses.



Low Myopia


No need to think about the size of the frame, as long as children wear it properly and comfortably, such as kids cat eye optical glasses, kids frameless optical glasses.



Medium Myopia and High Myopia


It is necessary to combine the glasses frame size and pupil distance. What is the glasses frame size? It is the size of the glasses frame marked on the leg of the mirror.


 kids optical glasses

How to choose the thickness of len?


For children with high myopia, the first choice is resin sheet. Choose lenses with different refractive index according to different degrees. For child with low myopia(below 3.00D), 1.50 and 1.56 lenses can be selected. For child with medium myopia(3.00D to 6.00D), 1.56 and 1.60 lenses can be selected. For child with high myopia(above 6.00D), the lenses with 1.60 and above can be selected. It should be noted that it is generally recommended to customize the lens (+ 6.00D or above) for high hyperopia, because it can be made into a special lens diameter, so that the lens will be thinner and the overall effect will be better.


For the children's eye health, we must reasonably choose the right kids thin optical glasses, which can effectively reduce vision fatigue and avoid eye degree increasing too fast.

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