What Do You Know About Wayfarer Glasses?

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What Do You Know About Wayfarer Glasses?

Over the years, stars have enjoyed speaking for Wayfarer glasses. Therefore, today I will introduce to you the characteristics and history of Wayfarer-style glasses.



Features of Wayfarer Glasses


Sunglasses, which were born in the 1950s, have changed the fashion world dramatically in the past few decades. Today, they have become one of the most famous glasses in the market. They were originally designed for men with large and angular features, but they are also becoming more and more popular among women.


The classic Wayfarer glasses were sunglasses with dark lenses and frames, and the upper plastic frame had a wide edge and protruded outward (sometimes called "wings"), with a relatively single style. However, trendy vintage Wayfarer glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which can be used as glasses for correcting vision as well as fashion representatives today.



History of Wayfarer Glasses


Wayfarer glasses were first introduced in 1956 and their design is completely different from those of the time. Different from the styles we often see now, the original Wayfarer glasses looks like horn-rimmed glasses with a large upward bend at the outward edge of the frame. At that time, Wayfarer glasses was a new and incredible fashion, which was reflected in people wearing glasses. Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean all have such a pair of sunglasses with practical functions and beautiful appearance to protect them from the sunshine of California.


Throughout the 1960s, the combination of flashiness and charm of Wayfarer glasses gained popularity and became more and more fashionable. According to unknown statistics, because of its versatility, Wayfarers has attracted a very wide audience including rich people, celebrities, students, artists and businessmen.


Wayfarer-style glasses almost completely withdrew from the glasses market in the 1970s, thanks to the $50,000 implanted advertisement in the 1980s that brought latest fashion Wayfarer glasses back to the audience. After the unremitting efforts of glasses lovers in the 1990s, Wayfarer glasses finally regained their strength.


In the early 2000s, the style of Wayfarer glasses was completely modified by the designer. The modified style is smaller and more angular than the original design. Thanks to the retro fashion Wayfarer glasses provided by the glasses company in a variety of shapes, colors, budgets and tastes, now everyone can easily choose a pair of unique design Wayfarer glasses suitable for himself.



3. Differences between Wayfarer glasses and sunglasses


Although the early Wayfarer style was mainly used in the design of sunglasses, this classic subtle curve shape is the most popular nerd glasses now, which makes the originally dull nerd glasses look very fashionable.


The top selling Wayfarer glasses without color tone are very attractive to fashion lovers who pursue cost-effective performance. They are not only satisfying, but also very interesting and eccentric. If you want to give a cool impression, then trendy vintage Wayfarer glasses are definitely your only choice.


With the continuous development of lens and frame production technology, the latest fashion Wayfarer glasses are much lighter than frames used for sunglasses. Although the styles are the same, Wayfarer glasses are more comfortable to wear.


 4. Suitable crowd for Wayfarer glasses


As mentioned earlier, Wayfarer glasses come in many different styles, so you can definitely choose your own style. If you are a square, round or triangular face type, a pair of black or brown classic Wayfarer glasses will widen the width around the eyes and forehead to make the facial proportions look more harmonious. For those in heart-shaped face or inverted triangles, a light-colored pair of top rated Wayfarer glasses may be more suitable for you. Because you don't need to emphasize the width around your eyes, just wear lighter, smaller and finer styles.


If you want to be at the forefront of the fashion trend, you can buy a pair of fashion wayfarer glasses with different colors or patterns, such as red or white tribal pattern glasses. In addition, one of the coolest and boldest ways to wear is to choose oversized Wayfarer glasses, because it will make your face look more smaller. Although this is not a science with perfect proportion, experience shows that the bigger the size, the more tide!


Many glasses companies are dedicated to creating their own version of Wayfarer style, which means that no matter what your budget is, you can get Wayfarer glasses. There is no denying the fact that travelers with a pair of Emma’s glasses are really special. If you choose Emma Optical as your brand, it will give you the most satisfactory answer in terms of quality and coolness. Emma has been developing and designing their Wayfarer glasses, so now there are several new styles on the market and the colors are more exciting than beforewhat are you waiting for?

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