What Does Mirrored Glasses Benefit?

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What Does Mirrored Glasses Benefit?

There are many mirrored glasses in the market, such as mirrored lens sunglasses, including mirror polarized sunglasses, mirror aviator sunglasses, etc. So what is the working principle of mirrored glasses and its advantages?



The Functionality and Fashion of Mirrored Sunglasses


Now, glasses are not only functional products, but also fashion accessories. Mirror coating began to be applied to the beauty of ophthalmic lenses. The interesting thing about these applications is that the deposition techniques are the same and create mirrors that look the same in aesthetics. Wearing golden mirror sunglasses looks great by the pool, while some mirrored glasses can protect the eyes of astronauts and jet fighter pilots from the strong infrared rays of the sun.



The Principle of Mirror Coating


Generally, there are two kinds of coatings, wear-resistant film and anti-reflection film.


Whether it is an inorganic or organic spectacle lens, in daily use, friction with dust or grit (silicon oxide) will cause lens wear and scratches on the lens surface. Compared with glass sheets, the hardness of organic materials is relatively low, and it is more prone to scratches. Through the microscope, we can observe that the scratches on the surface of the lens are mainly divided into two types, one is the scratches caused by gravel, which are not easily noticeable by the wearer, the other is scratches caused by larger gravel , deep and rough on the periphery, they are in the central area and will affect vision. Therefore, the wear-resistant film is very important.


When light passes through the front and back surfaces of the lens, it will not only be refracted, but also reflected. This reflected light generated on the front surface of the lens will cause others to see a white light on the surface of the lens. When taking pictures, this kind of reflection will also seriously affect the appearance of the wearer. The anti-reflection film is based on the fluctuation of light and interference phenomena. Two light waves with the same amplitude and the same wavelength are superimposed, then the amplitude of the light wave is enhanced. If the two light waves have the same origin and the wave lengths are different, if the two light waves are superimposed, then they cancel each other out. The anti-reflection film uses this principle, so that the reflected light generated on the front and back surfaces of the film interfere with each other, thereby canceling the reflected light and achieving the effect of anti-reflection.



Working Principle of Mirror Lens


Mirror lenses use traditional tones and special reflective optical coatings (called mirror coatings). The coating reduces the amount of light passing through the lens by 10-60%.


Generally, mirror lenses use several different coatings and are used with other anti-reflective coatings. A small reflective metal film is usually deposited before using other plastic coatings to protect it and reduce glare, thereby providing a mirror-like appearance.


 What Does Mirrored Glasses Benefit

What Are the Benefits of Mirrored Lenses?


Want to know why you should choose mirror lens on another type of lens (such as polarized lens)?

Here are some benefits.


Better UV protection. Mirror lenses usually provide up to 100% UV protection. This makes them ideal for hiking at high altitudes and long-term exposure to highly reflective environments such as snow and open water.


Durability. Mirror lenses tend to use multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings and other advanced coatings. Compared to untreated lenses, they are more durable and more scratch resistant.


Reduce glare. If you are sensitive to light, mirrored sunglasses are very effective at blocking and reflecting sunlight. If you are prone to migraines, or if there are any other conditions that make you very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, the mirror lenses sunglasses are ideal for you.


Anonymity. Mirror lenses are one-way mirrors. You can see it, but others cannot. This makes them ideal for those who wish to remain anonymous or avoid attracting attention.


As a kind of glasses that retains the functionality of sunglasses and improves fashion, mirror sunglasses have become more and more popular. In the choice of mirror sunglasses, some people will choose oversized mirror sunglasses, and a few will choose custom mirror sunglasses according to their own personality, no matter which kind of mirror fashion sunglasses you choose, the one that suits you is the best.

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