What are the Best Sunglasses for Beach?

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What are the Best Sunglasses for Beach?

Going to the beach for a vacation is very desirable, but sun protection and ultraviolet rays are essential. Qualified beach sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays. Inferior lenses not only can't block ultraviolet rays, but also make the light transmittance drop, and the ultraviolet rays are injected into a large amount, which will damage the eyes. It may also cause nausea, forgetfulness, and other symptoms of visual fatigue. Unexpectedly so terrible, how to choose a high-quality and practical sunglasses? Let's take a look.



Why do we need sunglasses?


The skin of our eyes is more fragile than other parts. When stimulated by ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will not only stimulate the eyes and make them aging, but also damage the cornea and other tissues, resulting in a series of eye diseases. If you want to protect your eyes more effectively, wearing polarized photochromic sunglasses is the better choice.


In addition, comfortable visual experience is also an important reason for wearing sunglasses. The dazzling sunlight will make the eyes uncomfortable and affect the clarity of the sight. Wearing sunglasses, the comfort will be greatly increased. For example, metal sports sunglasses can enhance dark adaptation. After 2-3 hours in bright sunlight, people's adaptability to darker environments (such as tunnels) will decrease, which may bring hidden safety hazards when driving.



Summer fashion beach sunglasses recommended


Casual beach sunglasses


There are many girls on the beach in summer, and the mainstream is still the Hawaiian style represented by printed bikinis. If you make a mistake in matching, it will affect the leisure mood. Choose clothing according to body shape and body type. For example, the combination of skirt and bikini is a versatile choice in beachwear. With round tortoiseshell beach glasses, you can attract the opposite sex to you.



Sexy beach sunglasses


To be remembered at a glance, it needs to be more exaggerated. The energetic girls at the beach are mostly tube top dresses dancing with flowing tulle. The tall girls will choose long skirts, and then match Hepburn-style headscarves. They pay particular attention to the stitching impact of the color blocks, and generally choose the beach style sunglasses with different bright colors for the frame and temples.



Sporty beach sunglasses


If you are fit and athletic, you can choose a sports beachwear with a tight body curve. Large V-neck sports hoodies, beach volleyball sunglasses or tennis skirts make you look energetic and easily participate in beach volleyball games, full of youthful vitality.



How to choose sunglasses is more suitable?


1. First of all, we must observe whether the sunglasses meet the relevant national standards. Check the label of the glasses, which type they belong to, how they are protected from UV, etc. Go to the regular channel to buy, or choose a store that can detect the ultraviolet filtering performance of the lens is a better channel.


2. To ensure that the sunglasses can filter enough visible light, you can try on the observation in front of the mirror. If you can easily see your eyes in the lens through the lens, it means that the sunglasses are not dark enough. It should also be observed whether the color of the lens is uniform, and a certain area will not suddenly darken.


3. Pay attention to the comfort of weight. The weight of the visor should be evenly distributed on the nose and ears. Carefully adjust the curvature of the frame and the position of the nose pads to ensure that the frame does not pinch the bridge of the nose and does not rub the ears. The eyelashes should not touch the frame when worn.


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